Are you at risk of spinal injury?

The sad news about spinal injuries is that they occur easily and are therefore very common. Today, an estimated 15,000 people are living with spinal injuries in Australia. These types of injuries are mostly caused by different forms of trauma. Read on to see if you are at risk of spinal injury.

Recent trauma

People under the age of 65 experience spinal injuries from motor vehicle accidents more than any other age group. If you have recently had a motor vehicle trauma but have not received medical attention from a doctor, contact a doctor and make an appointment immediately. Though the resulting pain may not seem severe right now, it can still be a sign that you have a spinal injury. You don’t want the pain from your forgotten injury resurfacing later in life especially when you sustain a knock or undue force.

The elderly

When it comes to spinal cord injuries caused by falls, people who are 65 and older are most affected. The elderly fall often because the muscles in their knees and legs are weak which can cause balance problems. Have you or a loved one fallen recently? This should always be checked by a doctor to look for any signs of potential spinal injury.

Young people

For young people, the number one cause of spinal injuries is sports and recreational activities. So, consider seeing a doctor at least once every year if not twice if you play sport or do physically challenging activities. Also, visit a doctor right away if you have any spinal injury, sporadic back pain or sport-related chronic pain. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere anytime, putting you at risk of spinal cord injuries. Remember that the best time to handle a spinal injury is before it worsens.

If you are worried about a spinal injury, do not ignore it. Consult our highly experienced and caring Perth Chiropractor at Melville Wellness right away to get the treatment you need. We offer different types of chiropractic treatments and use the latest methods of treatment and technology in the field.

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