Can visiting a chiropractor enhance your mood?

A part of day to day life for most of us includes suffering from issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. Of course, a lot of these issues are caused by mental and emotional strain, but they are also aggravated by physical issues. If you have a bad back, poor posture, or poor alignment, you may experience a number of mood-diminishing daily problems such as aches, muscle/joint pain, neck pain, hip pain, and headaches. How can physical issues ruin your good mood? There are, of course, obvious reasons such as dealing with unpleasant pain, difficulty moving, headaches and so…

4 tips for healthy feet after retirement

Hip pain, neck pain, dementia... all of these are serious conditions amongst older people, but what about foot pain? Inadequate foot care, particularly from an early age, can increase one's risk of falling and cause other health complications. As you age, having an appropriate foot care routine can help you stay active, healthy and happy. Here are our top 4 tips for keeping your feet in tip-top shape: Cut your toenails right Foot care doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, in fact, it can start with something as simple as cutting your toenails right. Rather than rounding off the…

How a chiropractor can help you overcome these common types of headaches

The ability to think clearly and calmly allows us to make rational decisions, carry on with our daily activities, and even process emotions. However, this ability can easily be affected by an intense headache. Most Aussies will suffer at least one type of headache in their lifetime. But the reason behind the headache can differ from one individual to another. Here are common types of headaches and how a Perth chiropractor can help you. Different types of headache Tension headaches – they are mostly presented as band-like tension around the head. They often occur due to tension in the muscles…

How your phone is causing neck pain and how to treat it

Apart from possible radiation and providing distraction when walking and driving, phone usage has yet another side effect called 'Text neck.' This is a term used by chiropractors, specialists, medical doctors and physiotherapists to describe a painful postural syndrome caused when looking down at a phone thus straining the neck. Neck tissues and joints aren’t built to be flexed or hunched down or forward for extended periods. Who is affected? Text neck is not just for people who regularly text but affects people who are into e-mailing and gaming. It’s also problematic when people engage in the above activities while…

Misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care

Whilst chiropractic care can be life-changing for people with chronic symptoms such as hip pain, neck pain or frequent headaches, there are a number of myths in circulation that often prevent people from seeking treatments that could help them. To address this, we’ve debunked a selection of the most common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic services: Myth #1: Chiropractic care is painful Whilst the idea of a chiropractic adjustment may sound painful, this is simply not the case. Indeed, chiropractors are highly trained to gently manipulate the skeletal and muscular system, often providing patients with instant relief from pain. Myth #2: Chiropractic…

Five symptoms that should prompt a visit to the podiatrist

Foot pain, whilst often troublesome, is commonly ignored. Indeed, the fact that foot issues tend not to be life-threatening means that people often delay seeking treatment, despite the hugely detrimental impact symptoms can have on a person’s mobility and quality of life. This is where podiatrists come in. Specially trained in the biomechanical intricacies of the foot, a podiatrist will quickly be able to uncover the underlying cause of your pain or refer you to a different kind of specialist. From there, a treatment plan can be drawn up to eliminate your pain as soon as possible. Here are a…

A Closer Look into Hip Pain, Its Causes and Possible Remedies

Hip pains have become a common health concern for many people today, with the majority of cases affecting adults. Before we identify the causes and solutions of this condition, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the hip. The hip joint is made of a ball-and-socket joint that makes movement between the legs and the upper body possible. This hip joint is held into place by muscles and tendons that trigger movement by supporting your upper body and leg. Just like moving machines need some form of lubrication, there is synovial fluid within the joint capsule that helps to lubricate…

Relief for sciatica nerve pain

Nerve pain is a very specific kind of pain and sciatica nerve pain is no exception. Like most nerve pains, sciatica can range from relatively mild to very severe. People who suffer from sciatica nerve pain know that it’s a shooting pain. It can occur anywhere on the sciatic nerve which begins in the lower back, extends through the hips and buttocks, and works its way down the rear of both legs. This extensive nerve is the longest in the human body. What are the causes of sciatica? A common cause of sciatica is a slipped disc (sometimes called a…

How Back Problems Can Cause Headaches

All sorts of aches and pains all over your body could be related to your back. Neck pain, headaches, hip pain and even migraines could be the result of poor posture or a misaligned spine. How does a bad back cause a headache? All sorts of things can lead to headaches, including muscle tension, trapped nerves and poor alignment. As all of our muscles are connected, a poorly aligned spine pressing on a back muscle could be causing tension further up. Often if there is an issue with the cervical spine or neck vertebrae there could be pressure being put…
walking person in perth

How To Incorporate Walking Into Your Daily Routine

Health experts have recommended that people should commit to at least thirty minutes of their day to exercise. However, not everyone can find the time or afford to go to a gym daily. Physical activity has both long- and short-term health benefits. The most common benefits of regular exercise are that it reduces the risk of diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, and some types of cancers. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through regular exercise. Walking is considered to be one of the simplest exercises. It’s not difficult to incorporate this simple activity into your daily routine, regardless of…

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