Do you take care of your neck?

Some parts of our body are recognised as 'heroes'. Your heart, for example, keeps blood pumping while your lungs allow you to breathe. Other parts of your body, though, can be taken for granted. The neck might be a prime example of this. Like other areas, it can be overlooked until things aren't right.

So, let's take a look at the stellar job your neck needs to do.

It holds up your head

You might just have said something like: 'Well of course it does'. It's stating the obvious. Yet, your neck is providing support to your head, which is relatively heavy. Your neck has to balance that head as it is constantly turning, twisting or tilting - often with quite sudden movements. This is one reason why, for example in a traffic accident, many people suffer from whiplash.

So many parts to your neck

You might see your heart as a single entity as it fulfils its key role, but what do you think of when considering your neck? You might not realise how packed it is. There's the oesophagus for eating, the larynx for speaking, the trachea for breathing. But that's just for starters!

Your neck is also packed with blood vessels and nerves, discs and connective tissue, plus muscles, tendons, ligaments and more. There are also seven neck bones. These are called the cervical vertebrae. Two examples: C1, also known as Atlas (after the Greek god who was commanded to forever balance the heavens on his shoulders) is the one responsible for keeping your skull in balance. Then there's the C2 vertebra, called the axis, which allows all types of movement to take place.

Dealing with neck pain

Serious neck pain, caused by actions such as the fracturing of vertebrae, or dislocation, require emergency medical attention. Other problems, while not being life-threatening, can negatively impact the quality of life of the sufferer.

Our Melville Wellness Centre team can treat a range of neck problems. These include herniated or slipped discs, nerve compression or pinching, bones spurs, muscle or ligament sprains - as well as whiplash and headaches.

If you're suffering from neck pain or discomfort, as an experienced Perth chiropractor, we are ready to offer guidance regarding the factors already mentioned and how they might best be treated

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