Five foot care tips

To get from A to B, maintaining healthy feet is vital. That’s why everyone in Western Australia should add Perth podiatrist to their list of healthcare professionals. To maintain total mobility, here are five key tips you should follow for foot health.

1. Invest in quality shoes

While it may seem surprising, many common problems that result in sending people to the podiatrist are due to footwear. Painful feet can be largely prevented by choosing properly fitted shoes. To prevent pain, steer clear of shoes that are too narrow or too tight. Instead, choose footwear that fits you comfortably.

2. Keep your toenails trimmed

Another strange cause of foot pain is an improperly trimmed toenail. To ensure they are cut properly, always trim right down, rather than down on the sides of the nail. However, if your nails are quite difficult to cut or are too curved, our expert podiatrists can help you. This can prove especially helpful for people suffering from diabetes.

3. Care for your feet

Maintaining a proper foot care routine is essential. So, ensure your feet are always clean and dry. It is especially important to ensure the area between your toes is properly tended to. This will prevent pain, sores and bacteria build-up. Another way to stave off bacteria growth is by making sure your shoes and socks are kept clean.

4. Maintain a healthy weight

Carrying some excess weight can cause stress to many parts of your body. Nowhere is this more obvious than your feet. As little as five extra kilos can cause excruciating foot and ankle pain. Foot problems that are commonly found in elite athletes can also appear in patients who are slightly overweight. The most common of these include plantar faciitis, posterior tibial tendonitis and arthritis.

5. Keep your shoes to yourself

If your friend has an attractive pair of shoes, it can be tempting to borrow them. However, this common practice is not a good idea. In doing so, you may contract a serious fungal infection. This is possible even if you wear an infected person’s shoes or socks just once.

Are you fed up with foot problems? If so, call or email the Melville Wellness team today. We are the leading Perth podiatrist and can help get you on track to happier feet.

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