Five symptoms that should prompt a visit to the podiatrist

Foot pain, whilst often troublesome, is commonly ignored. Indeed, the fact that foot issues tend not to be life-threatening means that people often delay seeking treatment, despite the hugely detrimental impact symptoms can have on a person’s mobility and quality of life.

This is where podiatrists come in. Specially trained in the biomechanical intricacies of the foot, a podiatrist will quickly be able to uncover the underlying cause of your pain or refer you to a different kind of specialist. From there, a treatment plan can be drawn up to eliminate your pain as soon as possible. Here are a few symptoms that should prompt you to book an appointment:

1. Chronically achy feet

If you are on your feet a lot and suffer from painful, achy feet on a daily basis, your problems may stem from footwear-related issues or issues related to your anatomy, such as high arches. A podiatrist will be able to assess the situation and provide advice about footwear and how to better care for your feet.

2. Heel pain

Heel pain is usually down to either plantar fasciitis or a heel spur, conditions which can be diagnosed and treated by a podiatrist. Sometimes, heel pain can indicate a plantar fascial tear, a condition which needs prompt treatment. In this way, it is important to seek professional advice quickly.

3. Issues with nails and skin of the foot

A podiatrist will be able to address skin and nail problems associated with the foot such as warts, corns, callouses, and ingrown toenails. For example, they will be able to resolve pain from corns by sloughing off dead skin cells or offer solutions to fungal nails with special medications.

4. Bunions and other bony deformities

Sometimes, mechanical dysfunctions in the foot can cause a gradual shift in bone placement and cause bony growths to appear. A podiatrist will be able to offer conservative treatments such as specialist footwear and prevent the worsening of the condition. This is particularly important for people who would like to avoid surgical interventions.

5. Issues related to diabetes

Diabetes can cause a number of issues with the feet, and a podiatrist can help patients manage their condition. Indeed, they are able to offer information on looking after the foot so that the patient can avoid complications and potential loss of mobility.

We’d always recommend a visit to a podiatrist if you’re concerned about your feet. If you live in Perth, give us a call today to book an appointment.

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