How Back Problems Can Cause Headaches

All sorts of aches and pains all over your body could be related to your back. Neck pain, headaches, hip pain and even migraines could be the result of poor posture or a misaligned spine.

How does a bad back cause a headache?

All sorts of things can lead to headaches, including muscle tension, trapped nerves and poor alignment. As all of our muscles are connected, a poorly aligned spine pressing on a back muscle could be causing tension further up. Often if there is an issue with the cervical spine or neck vertebrae there could be pressure being put on the brain stem. This can result in a variety of problems including the very common tension headache.

What causes this?

Several things that we do daily can cause a bad back, sore neck and headaches. Sitting in your office chair, standing for several hours with a bad posture or sleeping poorly can all cause low-level back pain, and could be affecting your head. If a muscle cannot move properly due to a joint or lower muscle functioning poorly this can cause stiffness in the muscles at the base of the skull.

If you have had a previous back injury or ongoing muscle issues these could also be related.

How can I prevent these headaches?

It is always a good idea to visit a chiropractor for headache treatment and migraine treatment. Your chiropractor will be able to examine you and hopefully identify the cause of your pain. You can also take some precautions on your own. Try checking your posture throughout the day, ensuring your office chair is properly set up, and exercising your core.

Of course, if the headaches persist after taking a variety of precautions you should revisit your chiropractor. There may be an ongoing issue with your back or neck that you are unaware of. Regular check-ups can keep you healthy, aligned and pain-free. Ask your chiropractor for helpful tips that you can use daily to improve your back, neck and muscle health.

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