How much is too much bed rest for back pain?

It’s understandable to feel tired, fatigued and devoid of energy while suffering chronic or persistent back pain. Most people in need of back pain treatment want to stay in bed, often as the horizontal position feels the best during flare-ups. Though bed rest might seem to help acute pain, Perth chiropractors are moving away from immobility as the only relief. In this article, we discuss why prolonged bed rest is advised against highly, and the alternative rehabilitation methods back pain sufferers should explore.

Does bed rest help with pain?

Let’s dispel one of the most prevalent back pain myths; bed rest doesn’t help improve or add to the recovery from back pain or related injuries. Bed rest can work against your ability to recover; immobilising your body can cause a sufferer to lose muscular strength around the affected area, all the while discouraging them from returning to regular activity quickly.

How long should you lie down in bed?

Ideally, with back pain, lying down should be restricted to sleeping only. However, during heightened episodes of pain, most sufferers find lying down will help settle the symptoms, taking the pressure off the aggravated area, and calming any anxiety that comes with this condition. Managing this condition with bed rest should be limited; ideally only for a few hours, and no longer than a day or two before returning to activity. Depending on your specific condition, your chiropractor may advise against this treatment altogether, so you’re best to consult with them first.

What should you do instead?

Keeping active is one of the best ways to treat back pain and manage the symptoms. One of the easiest treatment options to undertake is walking; this simple movement helps stretch out the spine, relieving the pressure on the affected area. Most back pain sufferers don’t want to walk during this time, but it’s one of the best treatments.

Chiropractors will also advise seeking treatment as soon as your flare-up begins. Through simple manipulation and gentle massage, it’s possible to experience significant relief almost immediately. The longer you leave seeking treatment, the condition worsens exponentially. Within your chiropractic appointment, you will also be advised of the best flexibility and strengthening exercises for your type of back pain, which may include swimming, yoga and specific weight lifting exercises.

Who actually needs bed rest?

The only time bed rest is appropriate for back pain is post-surgery, when the surgeon requires stability for initial healing, and at the specific advisement of the chiropractor. Outside of these occasions, movement is highly encouraged over bed rest.

If your back pain is persisting and you’re unsure of what to do next, book in with one of the leading Perth Chiropractors here at Melville Wellness, and start your journey to a pain-free life today!

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