How to avoid back pain at work

Whatever your job may be, everyone is susceptible to back pain at work. Whether you’re doing heavy lifting, making repetitive movements or sitting at a desk all day, it can take its toll on your back and make it hard to concentrate on your job. Certain occupations are known to put significant demand on your back, but these can vary dramatically. Factory work, office work and nursing are three professions that couldn’t be more different, but can all worsen back pain. Below are some hints and tips for alleviating back pain at work.

Maintain good posture

If you’ve got an office set up, a good chair is a good investment. Make sure to choose one that supports your spinal curves, and always adjust the height so your feet are resting flat. Whether you’re sitting or standing, we know how tempting it is to slouch. While this may feel more comfortable at the time, the longer-term effects definitely won’t be! Even with good posture, sitting in the same position for long periods is never good for your back. Make sure to listen to your body and move around when it starts feeling tense.

Make things easier for yourself

Every task can be made slightly easier for your back. If your job involves lifting heavy loads, make sure to lift with your legs and tighten your core muscles, so your back isn’t doing too much of the work and its natural curve is maintained. Check if there are any lifting devices available to help you lift particularly heavy loads – remember, you’re not trying to impress anyone! If you work at a desk, talking on the phone and typing at the same time, consider investing in a headset to avoid any unnecessary bending or twisting of your back. Even the smallest things such as the position of your monitor or keyboard can make a big difference. If you’re having to reach forwards, your equipment is probably in the wrong place.

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