How to stay healthy while working from home

Working from home has become the norm for many people in recent times, bringing with it a host of new benefits like saving on transportation costs and enjoying a more flexible lifestyle. There are drawbacks, however, particularly around your overall well being while working from home. To give you a good idea of how to stay healthy while working from home, we have outlined a few top tips below.

Focus on a morning routine

It can be very tempting to roll out of bed in your pyjamas, brew a coffee and get cracking with work if you’re staying at home. However, a good morning routine will ensure you have a more productive start to your day.

Even if you aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone, get showered, get changed and have breakfast. The very act of getting ready and doing a typical morning routine will make you feel more motivated and productive.

Remember to move and stretch regularly

If you're confined to a desk while working from home, it can be easy to stay in a static position for hours at a time. This doesn't do any good for your muscles, blood circulation or even your posture.

We recommend getting up from your desk and stretching at least once every hour or so. This helps to release body tension and will improve your posture.

Take some personal time for your mental well being

Separating your work from your home life can be a real challenge when working from home. Make it a ritual to turn off the computer when it’s the end of the working day and create a mental barrier between your work time and your personal time.

You should use your free time to get away from work for a while, giving your brain and body a chance to relax and unwind. Whether you like painting, jigsaws or going to the gym, it really pays to have a hobby you can focus on.

There are lots of ways that you can improve your well-being while working from home, but hopefully, these tips are a good starting point for you. If you would like to know more or think you could use some chiropractic adjustments, contact us at Melville Wellness Centre today.

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