Remedial Massage PerthRemedial massage can help in so many ways. We have listed below some of the most common issues we deal with here at Melville Wellness Centre. We have fully qualified Perth remedial therapists to help with the following:

Lower back pain

– Lower back pain may be coming from a variety of causes. Our therapists will do testing and massage to various areas based upon their assessment of your particular condition. Lower back pain is often the result of tightness that stretches beyond the lower back to other areas through the body. Our therapists will help to explain why you are getting your pain, and work towards alleviating all your pain with work on the responsible muscle groups.

Headaches or Migraines

– Tightness induced headaches and migraines respond extremely well to massage. Addressing the pain is paramount, and is the first thing that the therapist focuses on. The therapist will then problem solve ways to minimize further headaches so you can be pain free.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

– Neck and shoulder pain may be the result of a specific incident, or just a build-up of tightness through the muscles that insert in the Cervical and Thoracic region. It is a complex area that requires an intricate understanding of how the relationship between the muscles, joints and nerves in the upper body function. Our therapists will assess and massage the areas that they have identified as contributing factors, and work towards reducing your pain as fast as possible.

Stress and Tension

– Stress and tension often creep up and nest themselves in your muscles without you even being aware that it is happening, and then all of a sudden you feel like the world is resting on your shoulders. Massage is a wonderful way to peel back the layers of tension, and restore a normal balance to your body so you can feel brand new again!

Sciatic Pain

– There are a number of causes of sciatic pain, and tightness in the muscles of the gluteals, hamstrings, calves and lower back can all contribute to sciatic pain. Pain that travels down the legs can be VERY intense, and it is recommended that you seek treatment as soon as possible.

General Tightness

– General tightness can come from just living every day. Job related tightness or sporting soreness is not uncommon, and postural awareness is something that our therapists will educate you on, and help to release quickly and effectively.

General Stiffness

– Age is only one of the reasons that can be attributed to stiffness. Stretching and loosening of the soft tissues to allow muscles and joints to function harmoniously is important, and our therapists will work with you towards your goals.

Lactic Acid Build Up

– This occurs when your body has waste products still trying to be metabolized and removed from the body after sport or rigorous activity. Massage is a fabulous way to help promote the removal, and quickly make your muscles feel better.

Pins and Needles

– Pins and needles should not be ignored – this is your body’s way of trying to tell you that something is not quite right. This is a nerve related response, and may the result of a nerve being affected somewhere along the nerve path. Our therapists will massage your soft tissues based on the assessments that they do to achieve the desired change and alleviate the pressures placed on the nerve wherever possible.


– Numbness, like pins and needles, is a nerve related complaint. Our therapists will map out your numbness to ascertain if it is caused by tight muscles putting pressure onto nerves, or if it is stemming from the nerve roots exiting from your spine. They will actively refer you and liaise with other health care professionals if your complaints stretch beyond soft tissue, to ensure that you get the very best care possible.

Strained Muscles

– Work, sport or just living life can often end with muscle strains. ICE in the early stages is very important. Massage can be beneficial after 24hrs to begin to ensure that the tissues that are healing, heal with the muscle matrix in an ideal pattern. Stretching and massage are paramount to ensuring that recovery is swift, and the integrity of the muscle is returned to normal without scar tissue build-up.

Injury Rehabilitation

– Injuries come in a variety of forms, and the recovery from each will be individually based. Our therapists are able to assist you with your progression through injury with recommendations of exercises, or working in conjunction with your rehabilitation expert. Massage will help to promote faster healing with increased blood flow, increased pliability of muscles and increased strength with specific exercises.

Pregnancy discomfort

– Our therapists are experts at helping the mum-to-be have as comfortable pregnancy as possible. You will lay on your TUMMY FACE DOWN on our pregnancy pillow that is designed for even the biggest of babies to fit into! The baby can often put pressure onto the pelvis that can cause various pains that our therapists can address to help make your pregnancy absolutely wonderful.

Fluid Retention / Lymphatic Drainage / Swelling Reduction

– Massage is wonderful for increasing circulation, and promoting the removal of excess fluid build up. Lymphatic drainage is also available, so book in now to ease the discomfort that fluid retention can cause, and promote the body’s circulation.

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