Podiatrists – An Overview

What is a Podiatrist & Why See One

Feet are complex anatomical structures, all-in-one stabilizers, shock absorbers, and momentum engines that are necessary for overall health and well-being and they require expert care.



A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who is trained to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet, ankle and lower limbs, including ingrown toenails and bunions. They can prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile, relieve pain and treat painful foot infections. They can help give you and your family advice on how to look after your feet, what types of shoes to wear, they help treat normal foot problems such as toenail problems, fungal nail infections, corns, calluses, verrucas, athlete’s foot, smelly feet, cracked heels, flat feet, bunions, heel pain, aging feet, blisters, gout, and sports injuries.

You may want to see a podiatrist for advice or treatment if you have painful feet, thickened or discolored toenails, cracks or cuts in the skin, growths such as warts, scaling or peeling on the soles, or any other foot and ankle -related problem. Podiatrists can also supply orthotics, tailor-made insoles, padding, and arch support to relieve arch or heel pain,The orthotic is an external device put into your shoe to realign and redistribute pressure off vulnerable areas of your foot or even just for comfort. Even if your feet are generally in good condition, you might consider having a session to assure everything is in the best alignment possible going forward and you aren’t at higher risk of developing lower limb injuries.

A podiatrist can also advise you about footwear and check that you’re looking after your feet properly. Podiatrists can also help with more complex foot problems, including preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to sports and exercise. A simple biomechanical assessment by a Podiatrist can also help prevent issues from arising long-term. Your Podiatrist can provide you with strengthening, stretching and stability exercises and a comprehensive planned rehabilitation program for any foot, ankle and lower limb injury or concern. Your Podiatrist can also provide soft tissue therapy such as dry needling to your lower limbs.

Be sure you’re seeing the most qualified health-care professional to treat your feet. Our Podiatrists are physicians who have completed years of rigorous foot and ankle training in podiatric medical school and hospital-based residency training, making them uniquely qualified to care for this part of the body.



During your first consultation, the podiatrist will take a full medical history and carry out basic tests, such as checking the blood circulation and feeling in your feet or a full biomechanical assessment. They may also ask you to show them how you walk or move your lower leg joints through their range of motion and functional movement tasks, walking and running to assess any discrepancies or areas to assist.

This is the best time to discuss any concerns you might have to make a more accurate diagnosis and start a treatment plan. A lot of minor problems can be fixed right on the day such as removal of hard skin, corns or calluses. These procedures are completely painless and take little time.

Melville Wellness has a team of qualified podiatrists available to help, get in touch today to book a consultation!


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