Relief for sciatica nerve pain

Nerve pain is a very specific kind of pain and sciatica nerve pain is no exception. Like most nerve pains, sciatica can range from relatively mild to very severe. People who suffer from sciatica nerve pain know that it’s a shooting pain. It can occur anywhere on the sciatic nerve which begins in the lower back, extends through the hips and buttocks, and works its way down the rear of both legs. This extensive nerve is the longest in the human body.

What are the causes of sciatica?

A common cause of sciatica is a slipped disc (sometimes called a pinched nerve or a herniated disc). Whatever the name, it happens when one of the discs that separates the vertebrae is forced or pushed out of alignment. The misplaced disc puts undue pressure on the sciatic nerve and pain is felt as a result.

Recognising the symptoms of sciatica

Because the sciatic nerve is so long, people experience pain in different body parts, at different points along the nerve. Some classic sciatica symptoms include:

– Hip pain
– Lower back pain
– Upper leg pain that worsens when sitting
– Persistent buttock pain (on either side)
– Buttock pain that becomes unbearable when sitting
– Shooting leg pain that creates painful problems when standing up
– Tingling sensations running down one leg
– Numb feelings, weakness or mobility problems in one foot or leg.

Relief and treatment

At Melville Wellness Centre our Perth chiropractor team provide drug-free, natural, non-invasive treatment. Each Melville chiropractor is an expert in spinal health and can correct the body’s spinal alignment by delivering specific spinal adjustments just right for your sciatica.

Our chiropractors will know what kind of adjustment is right for your sciatica because a thorough diagnosis will be carried out to understand the best way to realign your slipped disc. Once the slipped disc has been restored to its rightful place, pinching of the sciatic nerve will cease and pain should go away there and then.

If you have sciatica nerve pain, contact a Perth chiropractor today at Melville Wellness Centre. Let a Melville chiropractor help you turn your back on sciatica forever.

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