Starting a new exercise routine: what your chiropractor wants you to know

Beginning a new exercise regime is an exciting time; your motivation is at its peak, and your physical success is on the horizon. However, every day, our Perth chiropractors treat people just like you; people who’ve succumbed to the excitement of their new regime but neglected to look after their aches and pains in the process. In this article, we share with you everything your chiropractor wants you to know before you start your new, intense physical routine, and the simple ways you can avoid injuries during this lifestyle change.

Start slow

When beginning any exercise regime, the pace in which you start at is significant to your longevity and injury prevention. Starting your exercise journey with full velocity and pushing yourself beyond your physical capabilities will put you at higher risk of injuring yourself compared to that of a moderate programme which builds in intensity. Pushing too hard, too early, can result in torn muscles, broken bones and postural issues, such as hip and neck pain, that will set you back weeks, if not months.

Prioritise recovery

Though you may have set yourself the impossible task of running a marathon with just a month of preparation, your body requires rest days, giving ample time for your muscles and joints to recover. While a day off might seem counterintuitive to progress, rest is essential for injury prevention, and the regeneration of muscular strength. Depending on the type of exercise, you may need other forms of recovery such as heat, ice, compression garments and massage therapy.

Think marathon, not sprint

Starting a new physical journey requires mental strength and patience; introducing your body to a new exercise routine or physical hobby doesn’t happen successfully overnight. The way you perceive this experience, not to mention your expectations for your increased activity, is essential to maintaining your new habit. The more you understand that this experience is a long process that you can take you months to years to feel comfortable with, the better your progress will be, and the more likely you’ll remain consistent.

Seek help before you begin

Your chiropractor is one of the most valuable resources you have during your physical journey. With their musculoskeletal expertise, a chiropractor can map out the best path for you to follow, the steps to take to protect your body from injury and advise you when to rest adequately. If you are beginning your physical transformation, contact us at Melville Wellness, to meet with our chiropractors, to discuss your best steps forward!

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