The Best Ways to Prevent and Avoid Travel Back Pain

Our back is one part of our body that we often don’t give much thought to until it’s causing us pain and demanding our attention. One thing that can definitely make back pain flare-up is travel. Sitting in small, less than comfortable seating for an extended period puts wear and tear on your neck, spine, and hips, and can turn your vacation into an unenjoyable trip.

Here are some ways that you can prevent and avoid back pain while you’re travelling –

Move Around as Much as Possible

Our bodies are designed to move. It helps keep us loose and out joints working properly. When you’re sitting for a long time while travelling, your limiting your circulation, and forcing muscles to stay in one position. Stop and move around as much as you can – every few hours at least. If you’re travelling by air, book yourself a seat in the aisle so that it will be easier to move around when you are able to during the flight.

Pay Attention To Posture

Sitting is hard on your spine and hips, sitting with poor posture is even worse. Paying attention to your posture will help keep your spine well-aligned, and in the proper position.

Utilize your headrest for what it was intended for – being sure that your head is well aligned with your back, and comfortably resting on it. Your shoulders should point straight ahead, relaxed and loose, not hunched over, or rolled forward. If you’re the driver, be sure the steering wheel is adjusted to a position that lets you sit with good posture.

Lifting Luggage Like an Olympian

The best idea when you travel is to pack light, and only take what you need, but what about when that isn’t possible? We’ve all been there, pushing the limits of our suitcase’s capacity in an effort to be prepared for any possible change in weather.

The best option, if you can, is to break it up into multiple smaller pieces of luggage. If you can’t, be sure to lift your heavy luggage carefully, bending at your knees, and use your leg muscles instead of your back. If your luggage has a shoulder strap, alternate sides to keep the load even.


The root cause of back pain when you travel is often soreness and stiffness. These can be avoided by implementing stretching into your travel routine. While it may seem a little foreign to pull out your yoga mat at the airport, there are still some things you can do to help your muscles, without raising too many eyebrows. Try and stretch every couple of hours while you travel, and your body will thank you.

Wrapping Up

Travelling when you have a back that’s prone to stiffness and pain can be rough, but if you try and follow these tips, you’ll find yourself limber and ready to explore your destination. If you often find yourself having back pain, contact Melville Wellness Centre today at (08) 9314 2777 to find out how we can help.

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