What is dry needling?

This is a question our team here at Melville Wellness Centre, your Perth chiropractor and podiatrist, get asked from time to time. It isn't necessarily one of the most well-known procedures. However, it can offer key benefits for sufferers of back pain as well as many other conditions. Here are a few key points about dry needling.

What dry needling is and why it's used

Dry needling is the process of inserting acupuncture needles into troublesome muscles, seeking to minimise pain and improve or control functional damage.

The skilled use of dry needling can encourage relaxation in the muscles. It can also dispel toxic waste and lead to the return of essential blood flow, leading to less pain and discomfort.

The term dry needling itself was first used around 40 years ago by an American physician and researcher, Janet Graeme Travell, who was also an ambulance surgeon for New York City Police!

Key benefits gained from dry needling

Dry needling works fast compared to some alternatives. The number of treatments that are required depends on the level of pain and the number of sites that are acting as trigger points. For more serious conditions, even after surgery or when added to physical therapy, dry needling can help accelerate a healing process. It can also be of help for those suffering from distressing chronic conditions such as myofascial pain.

What other conditions can dry needling help with?

As well as back pain, dry needling can also be used to treat frozen shoulder and other pains in this region. If you enjoy either tennis or golf - but your elbow doesn't - then dry needling is well worth a try. Aching calves, tight and uncomfortable hamstrings, as well as tight glutes have all been treated using this procedure.

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