Will I have back pain when I get older?

It is widely known that the older we get, the more we have body aches and pains. That is why many people associate old age with back pain. However, the good news is that ageing does not cause back pain. Rather, back pain comes from issues such as previous injuries and spinal infection.

How to prevent back pain when you are older

Your ideal time to prevent back pain in the future is when you are still young. Turning 70 is not a long time away. Here are easy steps you can take to protect your back today and later.

• Always strengthen both your back and abdominal muscles
• Avoid putting unnecessary weight on your body because extra weight stresses and strains the body
• Stretch well before lifting heavy objects or carrying out any strenuous activity
• Practice good posture consistently
• Pay regular visits to a chiropractor to stay aligned.

How to treat back pain as you get older

Having back issues in your forties does not mean that ageing comes with back pain. Also, do not assume that the pain will disappear quickly as it did when you were younger. Check out some methods you can use to treat your back pain. However, remember to seek health and medical advice from your primary doctor.

• Consult a back pain therapist to get soft tissue or ultrasound therapy or any other back pain treatment. The earlier you seek chiropractic care, the better. Chiropractors offer many methods of treatment based on the seriousness and cause of the back pain.
• If you have been using your mattress for up to 6 years, research and purchase a new one.
• Go for walks, stretch regularly and stay active as a way of keeping fit and coping with the pain.

If left untreated, back pain can negatively affect how you drive, sleep, stand or play with your children and grandchildren. You won’t get back pain when you grow older, if you follow the right methods of prevention and treatment. For more advice on dealing with back pain, consult our Perth Chiropractor at Melville Wellness.

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