3 home remedies for neck pain

Many people experience neck pain occasionally and yet still don’t give their neck the TLC it deserves to prevent it from happening. Well, not anymore. Here are some home remedies that Melville Wellness Centre recommends for neck pain.

Apply ice and heat (not at the same time!)

Neck pain is a signal that the tissues in your neck and surrounding areas are inflamed and tense. That’s why we recommend that you apply ice to any sore areas for the first 24-48 hours to calm inflammation and reduce pain.

Once the inflammation has calmed down, heat can be applied to unstiffen the neck and reduce muscle tension. This is achieved as more oxygenated blood is carried to the affected area. It is important to make sure that you never apply either ice or heat for more than 20 minutes, and with 40-minute intervals. A towel should always act as a barrier to prevent direct contact between the skin and ice/heat.

Exercise your neck every day.

Your neck is often neglected when it comes to daily exercise, but, it is perhaps the most affected by immobility during the working day.

Several neck exercises release muscle tension and reduce tightness, contributing to a greater range of motion. We recommend tilting your head down so that your chin touches your chest for 5 seconds, tilting your head towards your shoulder for 5 seconds, or staring forward and then turning your head slowly to one side, always keeping your chin level. Repeat these exercises 5 times and always within pain limits.

Use a neck pillow when sleeping

When sleeping, you can often find yourself in positions that can cause or worsen neck pain. We recommend buying a neck pillow to ease the effects of neck pain and prevent it. The pillow you choose will be dependent on your sleeping position and the cause of your neck pain.

Common types of neck pillows include horseshoe-shaped pillows, neck rolls, and D-core pillows. With a variety of fabric choices to choose from, it may be worth contacting your chiropractor for advice and guidance.

Contact us for severe neck pain

If you are experiencing severe neck pain or your problem has not gotten better over a long period, you should contact Melville Wellness Centre. Call (08) 9314 2777 or email admin@melvillewellness.com.au.

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