5 common chiropractic misconceptions.

So you’ve been thinking about seeing a chiropractor for a while now. You want to reap all of the amazing benefits which chiropractic care can offer, but you keep hearing about things which turn you off this practice all together. The good news is, there are many common misconceptions that surround the practice of chiropractic care. So here are 5 common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care. Maybe you have heard some of these before. 1) Chiropractors do not go through any type of formal training It usually takes 5 years of intense university study just to become a chiropractic physician, as…

How to avoid walking poorly

It’s amazing, if almost the first physical thing that human beings do is to learn to walk, that so many people are pretty bad at it! Yet, a poor walking technique can easily lead to neck pain, problems with your hips, legs and feet – and many other physical difficulties. The next time you are out for a walk, see if you can spot any of these ‘problem walkers’ and consider whether you might fall into some of the same bad habits. 1. The person who could still be sitting at their computer This individual is easily spotted because they…

Foot care for running and jogging

There are many health benefits to regular running or jogging. These benefits include strengthening muscles and bones, improving cardiovascular fitness, and maintaining a healthy weight. It’s essential, therefore, to ensure your feet are healthy and strong and that you know how to avoid an injury while running. Here are four steps to consider, not just in protecting your feet from injuries, but also in ensuring your feet benefit from the exercise as much as the rest of your body. Visiting your podiatrist for a foot fitness check If you’re starting an exercise program, an examination of your feet can identify…

5 tips for choosing the best chiropractor

If you have a health issue such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, or any other and prefer healing that involves no medications or surgery, choose a chiropractor to be your health care provider. Our goal is to do away with what is causing your injury as a means of alleviating the symptoms connected to the condition. Check out our essential tips to help you find the best chiropractor: 1. Ask you friends and family members Referrals from friends and family members who currently see a Chiropractor can be a great source to find an experienced practitioner.…

What exactly is sciatica?

It’s one of those terms that you will often hear people use as a general shorthand descriptor for back and leg pain. However, it’s certainly useful to know exactly what it is and how to recognise it. The largest single nerve in your body is the sciatic nerve. It’s actually a union of five nerves based in your lumbar and spinal areas. What causes sciatica? Another frequently-asked question. Unlike many pains you suffer, it is often not a single event or a specific injury that leads to sciatica. Instead, it usually develops over a period of time. Certain occupations and…

5 things that might be causing your headache

Having a headache can ruin the rest of your day. Unfortunately, they’re very easily triggered. Below we list 5 things that might have caused your headache, so you can try to avoid them in the future: 1. Pent up anger Anger can cause a tension headache, which feels like a tight band around your head. This is because being angry causes the muscles in your scalp and neck to tense up. To avoid this, try breathing slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth, when you start feeling angry. If you can manage to relax those muscles, you’ll…

Five foot care tips

To get from A to B, maintaining healthy feet is vital. That’s why everyone in Western Australia should add Perth podiatrist to their list of healthcare professionals. To maintain total mobility, here are five key tips you should follow for foot health. 1. Invest in quality shoes While it may seem surprising, many common problems that result in sending people to the podiatrist are due to footwear. Painful feet can be largely prevented by choosing properly fitted shoes. To prevent pain, steer clear of shoes that are too narrow or too tight. Instead, choose footwear that fits you comfortably. 2.…

How to avoid back pain at work

Whatever your job may be, everyone is susceptible to back pain at work. Whether you’re doing heavy lifting, making repetitive movements or sitting at a desk all day, it can take its toll on your back and make it hard to concentrate on your job. Certain occupations are known to put significant demand on your back, but these can vary dramatically. Factory work, office work and nursing are three professions that couldn’t be more different, but can all worsen back pain. Below are some hints and tips for alleviating back pain at work. Maintain good posture If you’ve got an…

Why should you see a chiropractor for lower back pain?

If you’re experiencing lower back pain, the first bit of good news is that you’re not the only one. An estimated 85% of people experience back pain that is severe enough that they end up seeking out a doctor for advice (Harvard Health Publishing 2019). Increasingly, doctors are not only advising self-care, physical therapy, and pain relief for back pain treatment but increasingly are recommending patients to chiropractic care. The second bit of good news is that chiropractic care is an effective treatment for lower back pain, even for acute back pain. Acute back pain is the type of pain…

4 benefits of chiropractic treatment for high-performance athletes

Participating in a sport is demanding. You will be required to lift, run, jump, push, pull or punch, needing your body to be in great shape for you to perform well. Our chiropractic treatment will benefit you a great deal as an athlete. Here are four of the biggest benefits: Improve Performance Chiropractors help to align your spine. This is an important part of your body as it supports your athletic frame, muscles, nerves and brain. When it is in shape, the rest of the body is fortified, which enhances your performance. Decrease Recovery Time Chiropractic treatment may increase your…

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