Easy tips for reducing back and neck pain at the desk

Neck, shoulder and back pain is common for those spending every day at the desk, slaving over the computer for long, arduous hours. What most people don’t realise is that there are techniques for minimising the pain, simple ways that can be implemented into your workday immediately to manage tension and pain. In this article, we have collated advice from our Perth chiropractors to help you stay pain-free at the desk, sharing their tips to reducing neck and back discomfort throughout the long workday. Take breaks It’s likely you’ve heard this tip before, but rarely we experience people who prioritise…

When should you worry about a headache?

Headaches can occur seemingly from nowhere, in the middle of the workday or when relaxing during your day off. The headache sensation isn’t uncommon, and most of the time simple remedies prevent the condition from worsening. However, for some people, it can be concerning when headaches last longer than a few hours, keep you stuck in bed or prevent you from your normal activities. We share with you how to manage the onset of a headache, helping you determine when to be worried and when to seek immediate headache treatment from a medical professional. Initial headache treatment: hydration Easily one…

Text neck – what is it? And how to relieve pain?

With increased time indoors, many of us are spending prolonged amounts of time looking at our phones right now – whether that is scrolling through social media, communicating with friends we can’t see in person, watching videos, or reading the news. Text Neck is a term that is used to describe that aching neck pain caused by looking down at a phone, tablet, or any other handheld device for too long. Chiropractors are noticing a sudden spike in those suffering from Text Neck, and an increased number of people reporting neck pain. Of course, looking down is a normal part…

Protecting your back and neck when working from home

Unfortunately, at the moment many of us have had to up sticks and move to a home office. This may mean less walking around day-to-day, a less comfortable seat or a less than ideal desk set up. It is important during this time to make sure you don’t forget about your back and neck health. Staying healthy, pain-free and active relies on just two key factors. Movement Most office workers will sit in the same spot all day, and this may worsen without travelling to and from work. For many of us, home can be a more sedentary place, but…

Understanding the difference between headaches and migraines

For most first-time migraine sufferers, it can be impossible to tell the difference between migraines and a severe headache. Understanding the difference between each ailment is essential, as it will help you better receive treatment and manage the onset in the future. At Melville Wellness, we treat many Perth residents who suffer from persistent migraines and headaches, and we share with you precisely what defines each persistent condition. Head pressure What migraines and headaches both share in their symptoms is the sensation of pressure on the head. However, the type of pain is different between the two conditions; headaches tend…

What could be triggering your migraines?

As anyone who suffers from migraines will know, they can be debilitating and sometimes life-limiting. Much more than “just a headache”, migraines often require sufferers to retreat to a dark room to wait out the intense pain, nausea, and neurological symptoms. Fortunately, some migraine sufferers can cut down the frequency of their attacks by finding out whether any aspects of their lifestyle could be acting as triggers. We’ve put together a useful list of triggers that you may want to experiment with cutting down on. Remember, too, that most chiropractors offer migraine treatment that could also help to improve your…

Hip pain: Why are women more susceptible than men?

Hip pain is a common complaint among women, who tend to experience it more frequently than men. Visiting a chiropractor is a great place to start if you’re a woman hoping to address your hip pain. To boost their chances of successfully treating you, however, it is a good idea to consider where your pain may stem from. Is it really your hip? What many people describe as hip pain is actually experienced to the side of the upper thigh, in the buttocks, or in the lower back. Hip pain, meanwhile, is usually felt in the outer hip directly across…

How runners can look after their feet

If you’re a regular runner, you’ll know that looking after your feet isn’t always easy. All it takes is a long training session for blisters to flare up or toes to start aching. To help you look after your feet, we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you to stay active and ensure your runs stay pain-free: 1. Pick the right pair of running shoes You may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of trainers on offer at your local sports shop, but there is a reason for this diversity. Every runner’s feet are different…

Headaches: How a chiropractor can help

Suffering from headaches can be frustrating, painful and disrupt daily life. Headaches can be directly related to spinal misalignment. Daily tasks such as looking down at your phone, working at a computer all day, driving for hours without rest, jaw clenching in the night and day, and sleeping on your stomach can contribute to headaches. How does chiropractic treatment help a headache? Chiropractic care, which includes a combination of massage, spinal manipulation, and passive and active exercises, is often used for headache management and prevention. Chiropractic methods are used to treat cervicogenic headaches, migraines and tension headaches. Treatments of the…

Neck pain: causes, treatments, prevention

Our necks consist of seven interlocking bones, called vertebrae, separated by discs, giving our neck its stability as well as its freedom of movement. If you’re suffering from neck pain then you’re not alone; it’s more common than many people might think. And it can vary from a mild symptom that resolves itself after a few days to longer-term aches and pains. What causes different types of neck pain? Muscle strain can be caused by sitting for long periods at a computer, poor posture, and sleeping without adequate neck support. It can cause both dull and throbbing pains or sharp…

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