4 ways students can prevent and treat back pain

Being a student generally necessitates a lot of desk time, but there are many other facts of student life that can lead to back pain and problems. Luckily there are ways to prevent and treat these issues, so they don’t end up much larger problems later on.

1. Carrying a proper backpack

Side bags, duffel bags or handbags are completely wrong for carrying heavy items for entire days, but that’s what many students do. Large textbooks, laptops, food, and water are often necessities for students, and all that weight can put a serious strain on your body. A backpack with adequate padding and two sturdy straps is a far better option for carrying your things without pain.

2. Creating ergonomic workspaces

Creating workspaces that help maintain good posture as a student is easier said than done. There are often space and financial limitations that make home workspaces tricky, as well as the fact that laptops, while great for portability, cause the head and neck to have to stay at an uncomfortable angle over long periods of time. Luckily, many schools, universities, and other training centres normally have great study facilities with ergonomic furniture and desktop screens, which is much better for long study sessions.

3. Getting enough exercise

When you are in high-school, there is a good chance you were playing sports and getting involved with other physical activities as part of your regular routine. If you’ve made the transition to higher education and find that you aren’t being as physically active, you certainly are not alone, but this can cause your body more pain. Try to get the recommended 30 minutes a day, as well as taking regular breaks while studying to get up, walk around, and stretch.

4. Seeking treatment

If your neck and back are causing pain, you don’t just have to live with it. Chiropractic treatment delivers specific spinal adjustments to correct the body’s normal spinal alignment. If you’re looking for a Perth chiropractor that you can rely on, contact Melville Wellness today. We can help with neck and back pain, headaches, and many other issues you may be experiencing.

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