5 tips to soothe aching feet at home

After a long day on your feet, it’s not uncommon to experience some foot pain. Rest will help to fix the problem, but there are other simple ways to help reduce the pain. We’ve pulled together our best tips to soothe tired, aching feet.

1. Do stretches

The muscles in your feet will often contract when they’re overstressed so the best way to counteract this is to stretch them. Take a seat and focus on stretching your toes and ankles, then lean against a wall and gently stretch the calves. Ten minutes of stretching each night should help reduce any pain.

2. Use moist heat

Overstressed connective tissue and muscles are a common cause of sore feet. A simple 10-minute footbath with a scoop of Epsom salts is one of the best remedies for reducing pain. If you don’t have a bath, then consider investing in a foot spa or a small tub.

3. Apply massage

A soothing lotion or oil will work wonders when massaged into tired feet. Use your thumbs to gently apply pressure to the areas of pain. Also focus on the bottom of the foot, massaging the zone that runs from the heel to the ball. You may also want to consider getting a remedial foot massage.

4. Cool with ice

If your feet are hot and swollen, then applying ice will help reduce the inflammation. Fill a plastic bag with ice and place it on your feet for 15 minutes. If it’s too cold, then wrap the ice bag in a thin tea towel.

5. Take a pain reliever

As a last resort, if the pain is still persistent, consider using a pain reliever for inflammation. There are topical pain relief products that can help cool the affected area.

Factors such as poorly fitted shoes, pregnancy, and overuse can all contribute to aching feet. Try using one or more of our tips to soothe the pain, but if the discomfort is a common occurrence you should consider seeing a foot specialist. We are a Perth Podiatrist, so if live in the area call our friendly team and make a booking today.

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