A healthy neck - not a brass one!

You might have heard that old saying about someone who is confident in what they're doing or saying but doesn't appreciate the negative effect on others. They are said to have a brass neck - immovable and unyielding.

Of course a real neck isn't like that!

In reality, your neck is an amazing collection of parts, carrying out a wide range of key tasks. You use your voice box, food pipe and windpipe for their vital functions. Added to this is a collection of discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, glands and more, each jostling for space!

This can lead to problems

Our Perth Chiropractor team appreciate that neck pain can arise through a variety of causes. For over two decades, our team here at Melville Wellness Centre have gained huge experience in working with many patients suffering from neck problems.

Common issues include ligament sprains and muscle strains, compressed or pinched nerves, bone spurs, osteoarthritis and many more. Then there are people suffering from headaches or migraines.

Sadly, we also are often called on to help with ongoing whiplash problems, either from a traffic accident, fall or sports injury. This can lead to a series of problems including stiffness, dizziness, vision difficulties or ringing in the ears. Of even more concern can be broken or dislocated bones, or severe damage to protective tissue.

Staying ahead of discomfort

As well as providing a home for so much; your neck also has to provide a balancing act for a turning, twisting, tilting head! Carrying your heavy old head around with you day and night asks so much of your neck.

Should you struggle with this task - even slightly - you can quickly feel unbalanced and stressed and can notice pain spreading down through many parts of your body.

A range of treatments available here

If you have problems with your neck, such as these already mentioned, our experienced team can offer treatments including soft tissue or ultrasound therapies, and manipulation and mobilisation of your suffering joints. We can also help you rehabilitate through the careful use of stretches and exercises.

So, if you are suffering from neck problems, we're ready to help here at Melville Wellness Centre.

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