Are your feet responsible for your back pain? Let our Perth podiatrists find out

You might not realise it, but if you're dealing with back pain, it might be stemming from problems with your feet. We spend most of our lives upright, so if we have a problem with our foundation (the feet), then this can cause other problems elsewhere in the body.

There are a number of issues related to your feet that can affect posture and gait, such as flat feet or different leg lengths. These problems can impact how you walk, the curvature of your spine and ultimately develop into a pain in your back or hips. If not properly corrected, these issues can alter the placement of internal organs as well as the skeletal bone structure, leading to even more chronic pain.

How you walk can affect your back

Our body is interconnected, so problems with your feet can carry over into other parts of the body - mainly the spine in this case. If you have a problem with your feet - from bunions to fallen arches - then you will be subconsciously changing how you walk to feel more comfortable. This has knock-on effects throughout your body as it disrupts the natural, fluid movement of limbs and puts improper strain on ligaments and muscles.

A common example of this is flat feet or fallen arches, which can create a misalignment in the ankle joint. This irregularity in the ankle causes a knock-on effect, altering movement in the knee and hip joints and changing how you walk. Over time, this will put excessive pressure on the spine and lower back, causing pain.

How podiatric care can help with back pain

Tackling back pain is all about locating the source of the problem. When back pain stems from the feet, orthotic care is the best approach. Our podiatrist at Melville Wellness Centre can create custom insoles for your shoes that adjust how you walk and do wonders for foot pain, leg pain and lower back pain.

If you're struggling with lower back pain, sciatica or hip pain, contact our Perth podiatrist at the Melville Wellness Centre today.

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