Are your weekend plans hurting your back?

We all love taking a weekend to chill out in front of the TV and watch our favourite shows and movies, getting the snacks in and sitting in our favourite chair or stretching out on the couch. But while we are careful with our posture at work, our plans to relax could actually be causing more harm than good for our backs.

How so, you might ask? Read on to find out more.

Less exercise, less movement

During our regular working week, we may be chained to our desk, but we also tend to move around a fair bit. For example, you will get up to make a cup of coffee when thinking about that big task you need to complete. Or you might go for a walk to clear your mind between meetings. It is a lot harder to motivate ourselves to get up and move around when we’re doing something we actually want to do - namely, watching TV and relaxing!

Compromising positions

While it might feel comfortable to lie down for an entire weekend or to curl up with our legs tucked under us, these positions are not very friendly for our posture. While at work you might sit on an ergonomic chair with back support, the same cannot be said of your favourite comfy couch!

Simple steps

There are some easy fixes you can try at home, even during your weekend movie marathons. Try to sit upright, with good posture, as much as possible. And make an effort to get a little exercise every hour - even if that’s just heading to the kitchen for a snack, and stretching out the kinks you might feel from sitting still.

When to seek help

Of course, even with the best will in the world, you might find that you are suffering from back pain. In that case, the best thing to do is to reach out to a professional Perth chiropractor to get to the bottom of why you can’t shake the ache. At Melville Wellness, we can work out exactly why your back hurts and provide back pain treatment, so you can enjoy your weekends more than ever.

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