Exercises That Effectively Reduce Lower Back Pain

Millions of individuals are affected by lower back pain that is frequently caused by either repetitive strain from work or a sedentary lifestyle. There are numerous treatment options that are available for addressing lower back problems, ranging from medications to chiropractic adjustments. One of the best ways of treating this pain is to do exercises on a regular basis that mobilise, strengthen, and stretch the lower back.

When these exercises are practised on a daily basis, it can eliminate or reduce lower back pain, improve the ability of the body to handle strenuous activity, and prevent weakness due to inactivity. The following exercises can help to strengthen the body’s core muscles that support your spine and improve mobility as well by stretching the spine.

Founder to Forward Fold

Stand up with your legs at shoulder-width apart and your spine straight. Have your buttocks pointed out back as you lean forward and have your arms raised straight over your head. That helps to build core strength and back muscles. If there is too much tension placed on your back in that position, try using a chair or placing your hands in back of you.

Knee Tucks

Lie down on your back, with a small cushion placed underneath your head. Your chin should be tucked in, and your upper body kept relaxed. Bend one of your knees and pulls it towards your chest and then hold it in that position for a single deep breath.

Do the same thing on the other side of your body and repeat these 10 times. Move only as far as you feel comfortable. The move mobilises and stretches your spine to help with mobility.

8 Point Plank

Lie down on your stomach, and have your elbows right under your ear, a couple of inches in front of your shoulder, knees touching, and your feet flexed. Pull your elbows and knees to the middle of your body while you are lifting your hip up to your shoulders, as you maintain a straight, long spine.

The planking position should be maintained for 30 seconds at least. You are doing it properly if you start to tremble. The position helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine, which provides strong, structural support for your body.

Back Extensions

Lie down on your stomach, and use your elbows to prop yourself up, while lengthening your spine. Make sure your neck, back, and shoulders are kept long. Push on your hands and keep your hips grounded to arch your back.

As you are doing this, you should be feeling a stretching sensation within your muscles. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then repeat it 10 times. Do not bend your neck back. The exercise will mobilise your spine backwards and stretch it.

Pelvic Tilts

Lie down on your back and put a small cushion underneath your head. Bend your knees and keep your feet hip-length apart and straight. Again, make sure that your chin is kept tucked in, and your upper body is relaxed. Contract your stomach muscles and flatten your lower back to the floor.

Tilt your pelvis in the direction of your heels until there is an arch in your back muscles and lower back. Make sure your abdominal muscles continue to work throughout the exercise and avoid press down to your shoulders, feet, or neck. This exercise strengthens and stretches your lower back.

Do these routines on a daily basis if you can, based on your level of pain. Try complimenting the with other exercises like cycling and walking. Do not overexert yourself and if you feel any pain stop immediately. Before you start on any back-pain exercises, you should consult with a chiropractor first.

Make an appointment with Melville Wellness Centre in Perth for chiropractic care. Your lower back pain will be evaluated by our experienced practitioners, and they will recommend personalised exercises for alleviating it. We can also offer lifestyle advice and treatment for you.



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living Thearpy

4 months ago

This was a excellent informative post you have shared on this page about the exercises of physiotherapy for a lower back pain,But
If you are on a treatment program requiring prolonged ingestion of a corticosteroid or a thyroid hormone, especially if you are past middle age, sudden appearance of back pain that restricts movement might be an indication that an osteoporotic vertebra has collapsed. The location of a vertebral crush fracture can often be determined by applying percussion over a prominent spinous process

Chris Gergiou

1 min ago

Today most of the people are affected by the back pain and this back pain is caused by your bad posture at the time of work. And many of us are looking for a treatment which can help to reduce this pain. While reading your blog I find a very informative knowledge and I will definitely follow these steps to avoid back pain. Thanks for sharing with us.

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