Five at home headache survival tips

The onset of headache and migraine pain can occur seemingly instantly, and if you suffer from migraines and headaches regularly, you’ll know it isn’t always possible to visit your chiropractor when your symptoms flare-up. While you wait to receive treatment for your headache or migraine, there are many ways in which you can ease the pain, allowing you to continue with everyday life, return to work or manage the discomfort. In this article, we take you through the simple tricks to surviving headache pain, and the ways to make your condition less painful for you in the interim.

Book in with your chiropractor

As we just mentioned, headaches and migraines can occur entirely without notice, and you may need headache treatment outside of scheduled chiropractor appointments. Due to your increased demand, and your inability to wait long for a future booking, it’s essential to book in with your chiropractor as soon as the need arises, allowing you to secure a last-minute appointment, cancellation or the first available time.

Head for bed

Rest is essential with the onset of headache and migraine pain. Some sufferers find the catalyst of their headaches are due to a lack of sleep, or poor sleep for an extended period, and find resting can relieve their symptoms quickly, or ease the immediate pain sensations to manageable levels. Most sufferers choose dark or dimly lit rooms, comfortable bedding, mattresses and neck pillows, and quiet spaces to recover in.

Manage your diet

Food, combined with other postural factors, can be a significant trigger to the onset of headaches and migraines. While some people can easily identify the foods that initiate headaches, others aren’t so lucky to know which foods to avoid. Regardless, with the onset of headache pain, it’s essential to eat a healthy, balanced diet, as not to exacerbate your symptoms. Avoid junk food, greasy foods, alcohol and excessive caffeine, to allow your body to recover, opting for nutritious vegetables, fruit and lean protein instead.


Dehydration can be a significant contributor to the cause of headache pain and the onset of migraine pain, and can easily worsen any persistent symptoms quickly. Staying hydrated is essential during the beginning of your headache; switch all of your liquid consumption to water and electrolyte supplements recommended by your chiropractor. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, as these further dehydrate the body.

Journal your pain

While you may not feel like it straight away, it’s crucial to understand more about your pain, and the origins of your episode. To further your headache treatments with your chiropractor, record your symptoms and the activities leading to your headache pain, noting what you were doing when the pain occurred, and any sensations you felt. These observations will benefit your headache treatments with the chiropractor, allowing them to advise you on lifestyle choices and dietary recommendations better.

With the onset of headache and migraine pain, don’t wait for treatment! Book into to see us, your Perth Chiropractor, today, and return to your normal life quickly!

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