Getting to know sesamoiditis

If you often feel a pain in your big toe, you may think that a strain or fracture might be to blame. However, the cause might be sesamoiditis - an ailment that podiatrists often find in runners, dancers, or those who love to wear high heeled shoes. Could you be suffering from sesamoiditis? Read on to discover more.

What does sesamoiditis relate to?

Sesamoiditis relates to injuries to the sesamoid bones that are within your tendons. These are not just found in your feet - the largest of these bones is actually your patella (the kneecap). However, the two very small sesamoid bones that can be found beneath your big toe are the ones podiatrists will often look at. The sesamoid bones here are invaluable to how you move, as they help you to move easily when you walk.

Causes of injury to the sesamoid bones

While the sesamoid bones usually perform well, if you put a lot of pressure on them or keep repeating the same pressure, the bones under your big toe can become tender and weak, making it more difficult to perform your daily activities.

Dancers often suffer from sesamoiditis due to the repetitive movements necessary for their performances, and runners can also find their sesamoid bones becoming inflamed due to repeated, forceful footfalls. Throwing your weight forward onto your big toe when wearing high heels is another common culprit - though due to the delicate nature of your feet, there can be many reasons for irritation.

What does sesamoiditis feel like?

You may be suffering from sesamoiditis if you feel a dull pain under your big toe, especially around the joint. While the pain usually ebbs and flows, activities or footwear that increases weight and pressure can worsen the pain, causing a more intense ache.

How can a podiatrist help?

At Melville Wellness, our Perth podiatrist is on hand to help you get to the bottom of your foot problems. Whether you suspect that you might be suffering from sesamoiditis or want some advice and support about how to better care for your feet to avoid such ailments, get in touch to see how we could help you to keep your feet healthy.

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