How Chiropractors Can Help Treat Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves are a common problem among people nowadays. We sit in the same position for hours, and if we don’t posture ourselves correctly, we can accidentally cause a misalignment in our spinal structures. This can cause some of our nerves to be pressed at a wrong angle. Most problems that are caused by spinal misalignments can be treated with chiropractic adjustments. This is a form of treatment that doesn’t involve any medication. This article aims to help you have a better understanding of the condition and why chiropractic care is a great way to treat a pinched nerve.

What is a Pinched Nerve?
Before you can understand why chiropractic care is the best option to treat a pinched nerve, you have to understand what exactly it is. To explain a pinched nerve, it’s when the bones, muscles, tendons, or cartilages cause dysfunction in your nerves. The symptoms can range from simple numbness, weakness, and severe pain, to even throbbing headaches, depending on the nature of the condition. If this happens in a herniated disc in the spine, it can cause serious issues with the rest of your lower body. The most common treatments for pinched nerves are muscle relaxer medications, but there can be harmful side effects, especially for your stomach. This is why it’s better to opt for a medication-free treatment if possible.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve?
There are many different activities that can cause pinched nerves. Listed below are some common causes:

- Injury from motor accidents
- Injury from sports
- Poor lifting form
- Obesity
- Certain activities that require repetitive motion (pushing, hammering, lifting, jumping, etc.)

Other Popular Treatments for Pinched Nerves
Surgery and physiotherapy are some of the most common options to treat a pinched nerve. These treatment methods have the same goal as chiropractic care: to relieve the pressure from the joints and restore the healthy mobility and functionality to the associated joints and nerves. Although they are intended to have the same outcome, the method of getting there is different, especially with surgery. The recovery time for surgery can be very long, and the patient often has to endure rigorous and painful rehabilitation afterwards. This is why surgery should be the last resort if at all necessary.

How Chiropractors Treat a Pinched Nerve
To effectively and safely treat a pinched nerve, you have to know exactly where the root of the problem lies. When one nerve is pinched, others are affected by it. And if you don’t put pressure on the right place, there’s a chance that you may exacerbate the problem. This is why a chiropractor has to be sure about the condition of the nerve and where it’s pinched. They will perform an x-ray examination in conjunction with a nerve pressure testing to locate where the problem lies. Once all the examinations have been done and the underlying issue has been identified, the chiropractor can then perform the correct adjustments with the appropriate amount of pressure.

Does Chiropractic for a Pinched Nerve Really Work?
This is the real question that everyone asks when it comes to chiropractic as a treatment option for pinched nerves. The short answer to this question would be “yes,” as it is a condition that chiropractors commonly work on. They learn about human anatomy in depth, and they know how to relieve the pressure from the vertebrae. Although in the worst cases, it may be absolutely necessary for a patient to get surgery. In most cases, chiropractic care is highly effective and is a viable option for treating a pinched nerve.


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