How runners can look after their feet

If you’re a regular runner, you’ll know that looking after your feet isn’t always easy. All it takes is a long training session for blisters to flare up or toes to start aching.

To help you look after your feet, we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you to stay active and ensure your runs stay pain-free:

1. Pick the right pair of running shoes

You may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of trainers on offer at your local sports shop, but there is a reason for this diversity. Every runner’s feet are different and will benefit from different shoe shapes. In this way, it is important to try on a number of pairs before committing to any particular style.

As a general rule, try to look for trainers that are lightweight and relatively unstructured. It is also a good idea to buy shoes that are half a size bigger than you would usually go for as this will give your feet room to breathe if they swell slightly over long distances.

2. Know when to replace your trainers

Remember to keep track of your mileage as soon as you start running in your new pair of shoes, as this will help you to gauge when they should be replaced. Aim to replace them with a new pair after around 500 miles of use.

3. Bathe your feet in an ice bath after a long session

Your feet may start to feel hot and a little swollen after a long run. To prevent damage, it is a good idea to cool them down in a bucket of ice or, if you’re not ready for the chill, a cool bucket of water.

4. Remember to cut your toenails

This is a simple tip that could save you a considerable amount of pain. Many runners suffer from black toenails as a result of their toes repeatedly hitting the front of their running shoes. The shorter the toenails, the less damage they will incur from running.

5. Visit a podiatrist

It is very common for runners to encounter foot problems, and not all of them can be addressed at home. Fortunately, podiatrists are used to addressing common issues athletes face and will get you up and running again in no time.

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