How to avoid walking poorly

It’s amazing, if almost the first physical thing that human beings do is to learn to walk, that so many people are pretty bad at it! Yet, a poor walking technique can easily lead to neck pain, problems with your hips, legs and feet – and many other physical difficulties.

The next time you are out for a walk, see if you can spot any of these ‘problem walkers’ and consider whether you might fall into some of the same bad habits.

1. The person who could still be sitting at their computer

This individual is easily spotted because they are walking along in a posture that they could easily use when working in front of a screen at their desk. Hunched over, which makes even just breathing that bit more difficult.

2. The individual who should have a masseur behind them

In this example, the person is walking with their shoulders pulled up towards their ears – and you can almost feel the tension oozing out of them as you pass. You could image a masseur leaning over to work on their neck and shoulder areas to reduce their upper body tension.

3. The one whose arms are doing an impression of a robot

In this case, the arms only tend to swing from the elbows, leaving the shoulders tight and often uncomfortable. Imagine your arms as the pendulum on a grandfather clock, swinging fully at your sides as you walk.

4. The guy who’s taking dinosaur steps

When you watch those disaster movies, you can usually hear the monsters coming before you see them – their flat-footed thudding footsteps adding to the drama. When you walk, it’s much better to step lightly and roll your foot from heel to toe.

5. The girl who’s searching for money on the street

This is the person who keeps their eyes down, gazing at their feet. This stresses both neck and upper back (another case for the masseur). It’s recommended that you keep your gaze around 3-6 metres ahead; this greatly reduces that upper-body tension.

If you do have any problems when walking or running, then please contact our expert Perth Chiropractors and Podiatrists here at Melville Wellness Centre.

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