How to choose the best running shoes

With Covid interfering with our usual fitness regimes, many of us have turned to running in order to stay fit in the face of uncertain gym hours and closures. If you’ve recently started running, or have been running more regularly, you may find yourself wondering if the shoes you have are the right choice for you. Perhaps your body is sending you a few subtle (or not so subtle!) signals that it’s time to invest in a new pair of runners.

There are an overwhelming array of running shoes for sale, all marketing themselves as the ultimate choice. The pace, terrain and distance all factor into making the correct choice, as does your body’s individual quirks. This is where a podiatrist can help you find the best possible fit.

Here are a few general tips for selecting the best possible running shoes:

How heavy is the shoe? Shoes that feel light but of good quality are the best choice. Steer clear of any shoe that feels heavy in the store – it will only feel heavier with every step of your run!

Do the shoes feel stable to walk in? Do your feet feel like they’re sliding inside the shoe or being tipped side to side?

Does the shape of the shoe suit your foot and heel? Does it fit snugly around the ankle without cutting in? Can your toes spread out comfortably?

Is there enough cushioning to compensate for the type and distance you will be running? Think about the surfaces and duration of your runs and choose accordingly.

Last but not least, how do you feel in the shoes? Go for a jog in the shop wherever possible, so you get a good idea of how they will feel when you unbox them at home.

Choosing running shoes can feel overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help you at Melville Wellness. Bring in your existing shoes for an assessment, or come and see us before you purchase a new pair, and we’ll help you find your perfect fit. Running is an enjoyable, zero cost form of exercise that can be made significantly easier and more enjoyable by the right shoe selection.

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