How to look after your feet in wet weather

Australia’s wet season is well and truly underway. That makes now the most important time to protect your feet from the rain. But how are you supposed to do this?

Melville Wellness, the Perth podiatrist, has put together this blog to outline what you should be doing to look after your feet during the wet months.

Dry your feet off once inside

If it’s impossible to keep your feet dry on the go, then as soon as you get inside, dry them off. Whether this means bringing a towel or an extra pair of socks and shoes with you, you should always pre-empt the wet weather by keeping extra resources at work, at school, in your bag, and in your car.

Stick to walking barefoot in the house

Allowing your feet to air out around the house can help to prevent fungus and bacteria from breeding between your toes, in your socks or around your nails. If your feet are wet, never walk around in socks – you should always let your feet dry out and breathe in the house where possible.

Treat any blisters quickly

Blisters can occur from chafing in the wet months when wet fabric rubs against the skin of your foot – especially around the toes and heels. You can use specialised blister plasters to cover these, but never pop a blister as it creates an entry point for bacteria and can lead to infection. If you're suffering from blisters, allow the team at Melville Wellness Centre to help.

Dry out your shoes before wearing them again

Never put wet shoes or socks back on. Doing so can allow bacteria and fungus to breed around your feet and lead to complications. It can also cause blisters and skin rubbing. Dry your shoes and socks on radiators, over ovens, or in well-ventilated warm rooms.

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