How to minimise wrist pain while you type

As Perth chiropractors, we meet several professionals who experience regular, persistent wrist pain from the long hours spent at the keyboard. The repeated motion can cause significant issues in the wrist, from unbearable pain to syndromes like carpal tunnel, and the onset of arthritis. Looking after your wrists is essential so you can continue working at the computer for years to come. We take you through the simple ways to support your wrists as you type to help avoid wrist pain and associated problems.

Create the perfect set up

The way your desk is set up, to support your posture, is crucial; most pain in the body, whether it be the wrists, neck or any back pain, can stem from a poorly created desk environment. The best desk set up is different for every person, as it changes based on your height and proportions. However, your keyboard should be positioned where your elbows sit at a right angle (90 degrees) and close to the edge of your desk. The further stretch of your body over the desk puts considerable strain on your joints and should be avoided.

Invest in a wrist-friendly keyboard

If you spend all day typing, it’s paramount you have a keyboard that is easy and comfortable to type on, and that supports the movement of your wrists. Flat keyboards aren’t suitable for long periods typing, as they don’t help the natural movement and flex of the wrist joints. Angled, ergonomic keyboards are a wise alternative, as their design supports the way the wrist moves during typing.

Invest in a wrist rest

The cushion, sausage-shaped supports you will find on your co-worker’s desk isn’t just for looks. A wrist rest is an essential part of your keyboard set up, as the added cushion provides you with a comfortable spot to rest your joints in between typing. It also helps to position your wrist at the best angle, especially for those who don’t have an ideal keyboard for typing.

Schedule breaks

Like any repeated activity, rest is essential to avoid increased pain or eventual injury. Schedule time to rest your wrists; complete this relaxation by resting them on your lap, or performing basic stretches while you stand or move around the office. Most desk dwellers prioritise stretching or moving their neck and back during this time; however, you mustn’t neglect your wrists as well.

Seek treatment

Don’t be without treatment when the pain becomes unbearable. Visit us at Melville Wellness, your Perth Chiropractor, and discover how to perfect your desk for a pain-free work environment!

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