Is your posture causing neck and back pain?

It can be alarming if you start to experience back pain or neck pain with no obvious cause. For many people, their posture can be the explanation for their neck or back pain. Here we explain some of the ways that poor posture can put a strain on your body and what you can do about it.

What is posture?

Put simply, posture is the way that you hold your body. Dynamic posture refers to how you hold yourself whilst you’re moving, static posture refers to how you hold yourself when you are still. If your posture is the cause of pain in your back or neck, it’s important to think about both your dynamic posture and static posture in order to make improvements.

How does bad posture affect the neck?

If you tend to slouch, this could be straining your neck. Slouching builds pressure in your neck muscles and head – every inch that your neck bends forward adds as much as 4.5kg of extra weight to your cervical spine! Ultimately this can cause headaches and neck pain.

How can bad posture harm your back?

There are various ways that your posture could cause back pain. Tucking your pelvis when standing can cause strain to your neck and upper back. Pain in this area can make it harder to stand up for longer periods of time. Turning to the lower back, people who regularly stand with their weight on one leg can develop pain on one side of this area due to putting excess pressure on the lower back and hip.

How do you fix your posture?

If any of the above sounds like you, your posture might be responsible for your back or neck pain. By identifying what needs to improve and taking care to correct it, your posture can improve over time. Some exercises such as yoga and pilates can be beneficial both for posture and for pain. It’s recommended to speak to a professional before starting these activities. If you are concerned about the effect your posture is having on your health, speak to a professional chiropractor.

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