Lower limb problems? Here's an introduction to RPW Shockwaves

RPW Shockwave treatment has been introduced to our Melville Wellness Centre by Ben, our superb podiatrist. It has already delivered terrific results for a variety of our patients. It works by repairing damage, assisting rehabilitation, and moving the recovery process forward.

Key conditions where this treatment has proved effective

RPW therapy has been shown, in clinical studies, to offer vital relief for a range of foot, tendon, ligament, ankle, calf and knee conditions. These include chronic tendinopathies, Plantar Fasciitis and myofascial trigger points.

How RPW Shockwave treatment works

RPW stands for Radial Pressure Waves. This term describes how the waveform itself advances throughout the body. These are actually acoustic waves. They move through the system, spreading outward from the initial contact point. During your treatment, Ben will move the point of first contact around until he has covered the entire problem area.

Once introduced into the body tissue, RPW shock and pressure waves then affect tissue on a cellular level. This increases blood flow and helps with the formation of new blood vessels. Both offer healing benefits and improve the body's environment for the repair of damaged tissue.

The application of these Radial Pressure Waves helps to deliver welcome localised pain relief. This is achieved through their influencing of your body's mechanisms for delivering this outcome.

Using the latest equipment

Ben uses Chattanooga's Intelect 2 RPW Shockwave Therapy, which has over seven decades of excellence behind it. This company is the world's largest producer of musculoskeletal, soft tissue, and neurological disorder rehabilitation equipment, and these innovative products are in use in over eighty countries worldwide.

Do you suffer from lower limb pain or problems?

This treatment is just one of many we offer to Perth residents here at the Melville Wellness Centre. Our Perth podiatrist and chiropractors can help with many conditions, ranging from arthritis to shin splints, sprains to gait problems, corns to ingrown toenails.

So, if you would like to discuss a specific problem, ranging from the irritating to the debilitating, please arrange an initial appointment now and let us get to work on your behalf.

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