Mystified by migraines? Here are some unusual triggers!

A migraine can be a major inconvenience in your life. But are you getting migraines with no idea of the triggers? Even if you keep a diary that tracks when you get your migraines, it may be hard to draw solid conclusions. This may be because some migraine triggers are so unexpected, you would never suspect them of being a cause!

We have collected some unusual triggers that could be the cause of those hours lost to another migraine.

Strong scents

Do you find yourself getting a migraine every time you have lunch with a particular friend? If they happen to wear a strong perfume, that could be the key! Or, do you struggle to eat in certain restaurants that have a lot of cooking smells? Strong scents can be a leading cause of migraines and are best avoided wherever possible.


Are you a committed gum chewer? This could be creating more problems than you might expect. Research has found a link between the pressure placed on the temporomandibular joint when you chew gum and an increase in migraines and headaches, so maybe give the gum a rest to see if this improves your issue.

Changing weather

Are you finding that you have more migraines at a certain time of year? Extreme weather shifts, such as the temperature suddenly spiking or dropping, and changes in air pressure, can all impact your body. If you are prone to migraines, or even if you aren’t, you may find yourself suffering during these times.


We know what you’re thinking - exercise is good for you! And it absolutely is. Exercise is a great way to work out stresses and strains and to keep your body fit and active. However, strenuous exercise can trigger migraines in some people. If you think this sounds familiar, opt for gentle forms of exercise, such as swimming, to see if this helps.

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