Protecting your back and neck when working from home

Unfortunately, at the moment many of us have had to up sticks and move to a home office. This may mean less walking around day-to-day, a less comfortable seat or a less than ideal desk set up. It is important during this time to make sure you don’t forget about your back and neck health. Staying healthy, pain-free and active relies on just two key factors.


Most office workers will sit in the same spot all day, and this may worsen without travelling to and from work. For many of us, home can be a more sedentary place, but if you’ll be spending more time in your home office, you need to change that. In fact, working from home can provide us with more opportunities to save our back from the ravages of the office chair.

Set an alarm on your phone for every hour and use that time to take a break. Take advantage of your solitude and your comfortable environment to really get some movement going. It might be a good idea to roll out the yoga mat and take yourself through a basic flow. Do some stretches or do a lap of your house and make yourself a cup of tea. This will be great for your spine and for your mental health while working in isolation.

Desk set up

Many of us will have a home desk set up that may not be great for a full day of work. Make sure you have a comfortable chair. We know it might be tricky to get a new chair at the moment, but it would be well worth the effort. Having decent back support is key if you plan on sitting down all day to avoid back pain and neck pain. If a new chair is out of the question, try and get a support pillow.

Put a little post-it note on your computer that says something along the lines of “sit up straight”. It is extremely easy to slouch without noticing, which can cause severe neck pain in the long run. Try to remain vigilant and don’t take your back and neck health for granted just because you’re in your home office.

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