Simple tips to fix your work posture

We spend a lot of our time at work. It’s an unavoidable fact, and for those of us that work in an office or at a desk, it’s key to make sure that in these hours, you aren’t doing damage to your body. Read on for a range of posture tips and tricks to make sure that you’re keeping your body in top shape, and avoiding any pain that comes with poor posture.

Rest your feet on the floor

It’s always ideal to have your feet flat to the floor. If you can’t reach the floor then you may need to use something as a footrest, but having your legs crossed can put unnecessary pressure on your hips and knees. By sitting straight with your feet flat against the floor, you’re evenly distributing the pressure across your lower half and making sure that any long term issues with your posture can be avoided.

Sit up straight against the back of your chair

Slouching can be incredibly damaging to your physique in the long run. It causes tension in muscles in your lower back that will eventually lead to pain since these muscles are not meant to hold your entire weight. By sitting up straight and leaning against the backrest of your chair, you can ensure that your back muscles remain in good condition.

Look horizontally

If your neck has started to hurt in the workplace, this could be because the height of your screen is wrong. The top of your screen should be level with your eyes, so you don’t need to strain looking up at the top of your screen, or crane your neck downwards which can cause damage in itself. A well-positioned screen can ensure that your eyes don’t get hurt from straining, and your neck stays in a comfortable position.

If you follow these easy steps, you can help to remove some of your joint pain. If you’re still struggling, get in touch with the Melville Wellness team. We are a Perth chiropractor service, helping patients with neck pain, hip pain and more. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call today to find out more.

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