Some common causes of problems in and around your hips

If you were watching a sci-fi movie about creating 'artificial humans', then it would probably have taken the 'mad scientists' a long time to perfect the hips! They are so constantly in use, and in so many ways. Sitting down, standing up, from walking to sprinting - as well as proving the vital attachment for so many muscles and ligaments.

It's not surprising then that they can malfunction - and at any age. There can be a wide range of reasons for the sudden or gradual onset of hip pain. This is why it pays to contact an experienced Perth chiropractor, here at the Melville Wellness Centre.

Introducing some key hip-area conditions

Here's a brief guide to some of the conditions our team are often asked about...

BURSITIS - an inflammation of one or more fluid-filled sacs. These are found throughout your body. Operating properly, they can provide an almost frictionless surface where muscles and tendons can pass across the bone.

LABRAL TEARS - the labrum is a cartilage ring sited around the outside of the hip socket. Tears can be caused by structural problems or are often the result of participation in a range of sports.

OSTEO or RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS - the former is a degenerative disease occurring when joint cartilage or bone breaks down. Stiffness, swelling or joint pain might first be felt after exercise. Gradually this might develop into a constant problem. The latter, an autoimmune condition, can show as swollen, warm or painful joints. The discomfort can increase after resting. Often, it can affect both joints on either side of the body (often also noticed in hands and wrists).

PIRFORMITIS or SACROILIAC SYNDROME - the first of these affects a muscle located in the buttock area. Suffers often feel spasms and pain. It can also cause pain, tingling, and numbness nearby. The second condition is an inflammation at the meeting of your lower spine and pelvis. Pain can be felt in both the lower back and down your legs. It can be particularly evident when you are climbing stairs, or if you have been standing for long periods.

A problem with your hips?

For the above, and other, conditions, it pays to contact one of our skilled chiropractors for a preliminary discussion. We can be reached by calling 9314 2777 now...

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