Stiff neck? Five tips to alleviate neck pain after sleep

Although many people wake up with a stiff neck from time to time, some sufferers find that they are in pain on awakening almost every day. There are several things which can cause neck pain to worsen during or after rest. Tackling the causes is important, as neck pain can make it harder to sleep comfortably. Poor rest can contribute to pain, creating a vicious circle that’s difficult to break. We’ve put together five tips that could significantly reduce neck pain during rest.

1. Avoid stiff or large pillows

An unyielding pillow that raises the head significantly during sleep can put unnecessary strain on the neck, contributing to pain. A lower, softer pillow offers more appropriate, gentle support.

2. Consider a filling that moulds to individual contours

Some pillow fillings provide support, without being rigid. Memory foam pillows, for example, mould to fit the neck contours, at the same time as springing back when the sleeper moves. Feather pillows operate in a similar manner. Both are excellent options to provide neck support where it’s needed.

3. Adopt a suitable sleeping position

Sleeping on the back or side usually puts the least strain on the neck. If you prefer to sleep on your side, a small pillow under the neck which helps to keep it higher than the head will encourage a straighter spine during slumber.

4. Support the neck if sleeping on the move

Many people use train, plane or vehicle rides as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep, but leaving the neck unsupported can quickly result in unwanted pain. If you intend to sleep whilst travelling, a supportive, horse-shoe shaped travel pillow can provide an extra level of comfort, as well as assist in maintaining neck health.

5. Invest in several differently shaped pillows

Keeping the neck, head and spine in alignment during sleep often requires the use of a flatter pillow for the head, alongside a higher, narrower support for the neck. Experimenting with a variety of pillows is often the way to get the best result.

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