Surprising causes of everyday pain

We all get twinges and niggles of pain every so often. Occasionally, however, this pain can last for a long time and get in the way of our everyday lives.

It is often difficult to find reasons for persistent discomfort, and some of the most common causes may surprise you. To clear up any confusion, we’ve put together a few seemingly harmless causes of pain that could be affecting your health:

1. Texting and phone use

As digital technology improves at an unprecedented pace, many of us find ourselves glued to phone screens. Whilst the number of people benefiting from mobile phone technology goes up, however, so does the percentage of seemingly fit and healthy young people experiencing neck and shoulder pain.

Indeed, by dropping your head to view your phone screen, you could be putting a great deal of pressure on your neck. To alleviate pain in this area, you could try limiting your screen time or holding your phone closer to your face.

2. Strong odours

Strong smells emanating from substances such as paint, bleach or perfume have the potential to trigger tension headaches or even migraines in some people. One solution is to learn what kind of smells trigger your pain.

3. Netflix binges

Many of us love to kick back and relax by binge-watching some of our favourite TV shows. Unfortunately, however, the inactivity associated with binge-watching can be detrimental to our health and cause issues such as a weakened spine. If you sit in awkward positions, it could also cause issues such as shoulder, back or neck pain.

If you’re planning on settling down for a long night of Netflix, remember to stretch and move position every so often to mitigate your chances of joint pain in the morning.

4. Lifting objects improperly

Lifting heavy objects without bending your knees properly could end up leaving you with severe back, neck, shoulder or hip pain. Remember to avoid bending or twisting when lifting heavy objects and to always bend your knees first. Getting someone to help you lift the object is also a great way to avoid potential injury.

Visit a chiropractor today

Even if you believe that you know the cause of your pain, it is always worth visiting a chiropractor for an assessment. As well as giving you tips for managing pain, they will be able to perform special procedures to alleviate discomfort and to offer expert advice about potential causes. If you’re looking for a Perth Chiropractor, get in touch with Melville Wellness today.

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