A Closer Look into Hip Pain, Its Causes and Possible Remedies

Hip pains have become a common health concern for many people today, with the majority of cases affecting adults. Before we identify the causes and solutions of this condition, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the hip. The hip joint is made of a ball-and-socket joint that makes movement between the legs and the upper body possible. This hip joint is held into place by muscles and tendons that trigger movement by supporting your upper body and leg. Just like moving machines need some form of lubrication, there is synovial fluid within the joint capsule that helps to lubricate…

Relief for sciatica nerve pain

Nerve pain is a very specific kind of pain and sciatica nerve pain is no exception. Like most nerve pains, sciatica can range from relatively mild to very severe. People who suffer from sciatica nerve pain know that it’s a shooting pain. It can occur anywhere on the sciatic nerve which begins in the lower back, extends through the hips and buttocks, and works its way down the rear of both legs. This extensive nerve is the longest in the human body. What are the causes of sciatica? A common cause of sciatica is a slipped disc (sometimes called a…

How Back Problems Can Cause Headaches

All sorts of aches and pains all over your body could be related to your back. Neck pain, headaches, hip pain and even migraines could be the result of poor posture or a misaligned spine. How does a bad back cause a headache? All sorts of things can lead to headaches, including muscle tension, trapped nerves and poor alignment. As all of our muscles are connected, a poorly aligned spine pressing on a back muscle could be causing tension further up. Often if there is an issue with the cervical spine or neck vertebrae there could be pressure being put…
walking person in perth

How To Incorporate Walking Into Your Daily Routine

Health experts have recommended that people should commit to at least thirty minutes of their day to exercise. However, not everyone can find the time or afford to go to a gym daily. Physical activity has both long- and short-term health benefits. The most common benefits of regular exercise are that it reduces the risk of diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, and some types of cancers. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through regular exercise. Walking is considered to be one of the simplest exercises. It’s not difficult to incorporate this simple activity into your daily routine, regardless of…

Suffering From Back Pain? It May Be Time to See Your Chiropractor

Back pain is among the most prevalent issues for adults, in fact, up to 80 percent of us suffer from some form of back pain. It can show its ugly face in many forms and guises, from short, bursting spurts, to chronic, life-long discomfort. Does this sound all too familiar to you? If so, you might want to head on down to your friendly neighbourhood chiropractor. Why talk about back pain? It seems that more often than not Australians are affected by back pain, in fact, it’s the very reason many of them call out from work. According to the…
bone density

Naturally Strong Bones: Easy Steps to Improve Bone Density

If you are worried about your bone density and are thinking of ways to help improve this important facet of your health, there is good news. Making a few decisions every day to help improve your bone health will certainly yield results. Follow this simple guide to getting naturally strong bones.   Exercise We all know exercise is good for you, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind if building stronger bones is the goal of your exercise. Using resistance bands is a great way to build bone density if you are concerned about tendons and…

Achilles Tendon Pain When Walking – A Guide

The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. As you can imagine, it is pivotal in all aspects of lower limb propulsion and copes with high levels of load on a daily basis. Benjamin Hodgetts, Functional Sports Podiatrist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, says one of the most common running-related injuries he sees involve the Achilles tendon.   “We mainly treat Achilles Tendinopathy, which is commonly an overuse injury in runners, where the Achilles Tendon at the back of your heel, at either the insertion or mid-portion of the Achilles, becomes sore and inflamed,” Mr Hodgetts.…

Tips for Children’s Spinal Health – A Back to School Guide

Going to school for most kids means carrying backpacks full of books and snacks, getting involved in sporting activities and sitting in bad posture. The sports activities are good but carrying weighty bag packs and bad posture is not good for kids’ spinal health. Many children have been hurt and it is important for us to give tips to steer clear of back pain and keep their spine healthy. Good spinal health is crucial for your kids’ development. This is because the spine protects the central nervous system. Any injury to it can disrupt the normal functioning of the kids’…

The Best Ways to Prevent and Avoid Travel Back Pain

Our back is one part of our body that we often don’t give much thought to until it’s causing us pain and demanding our attention. One thing that can definitely make back pain flare-up is travel. Sitting in small, less than comfortable seating for an extended period puts wear and tear on your neck, spine, and hips, and can turn your vacation into an unenjoyable trip. Here are some ways that you can prevent and avoid back pain while you’re travelling – Move Around as Much as Possible Our bodies are designed to move. It helps keep us loose and…

Are You Sleeping To Benefit Your Health?

What if I told you that the amount of sleep you get isn’t the biggest factor to your health? It’s not your mattress, either. We spend around a third of our lives sleeping. If you lived to be 80, that would be roughly 27 years. You can spend those 27 years negatively impacting your health, or making a positive impact by following a simple practice: good sleep posture. Never heard of sleep posture? The National Sleep Foundation noted that the position in which you sleep can affect not only your quality of sleep but your overall health. Bad practices lead…

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