The benefits of orthotics

We're on our feet a lot in the course of a day. Whether it be walking to and from work, out for a run, standing for long hours or out doing some shopping, our feet can certainly take a beating. This is why it's so important to take care of them while making sure we are maintaining the correct posture. Proper orthotics can be a life-changer, and you can find out what ones would be appropriate for you by getting a check-up from an accredited podiatrist. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of orthotics below:

Improving posture

Poor posture can be a contributing factor to many issues like lower back, shoulder and neck pain, and problems with our feet can significantly impact our posture. Flat feet, for example, is one of the more common problems that can create these postural issues.

Flat feet is when the arch on the inside of the foot is considerably flatter than it should be, which means the ankles tend to roll inwards, which can lead to a domino effect of other issues concerning the hips and spinal alignment as the body tries to compensate for the incorrect posture. Utilising proper orthotics can help lift the arch of the foot and reduce the strain put on the ankles, hip joints and spine, thus aiding in the alleviation of pain that may be present in these areas.

Preventing injuries

The correct orthotics can also be helpful in preventing injuries. Many of us don't pay close attention to this until it's too late, but walking, running and jumping all exert quite a lot of force on our feet when they hit the ground. Our feet are carrying the entire weight of our bodies, so this impact can be tough on our joints and can sometimes cause injuries. However, the right orthotics can help soften the impact of this force and protect our bones. If you're into sports, this can also help to improve your overall sports performance.

It's important to make sure you get the right orthotics for your needs, as sometimes the wrong ones can create further problems. Book an appointment with an accredited podiatrist today to get up and running with better, healthier feet.

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