The essential care tips for feet at every age

Your feet are easily the most neglected parts of your body; with pain originating in your feet radiating right through your body, to infections that can quickly worsen, your feet require constant care, no matter your age. As professional Perth podiatrists, we encounter many neglected feet, and in this article, we share with you the tips to perfect pain-free, healthy feet by detailing the activities you need to be performing regularly, and the footwear decisions to help you stay on your feet for the long run!

Wash and dry attentively

A simple splash of water on your feet during your daily shower isn’t enough to adequately address basic foot hygiene. Thoroughly wash your feet every day with soap-based products, paying particular attention to the gaps around your toes and the skin of your heels. Once completed, make sure your feet are thoroughly dried, as moisture build-up can breed bacteria and infections easily. Rotating your socks is a fundamental step of the cleansing routine; socks retain sweat from your daily movement, especially exercise, which can create a secondary breeding source for infection.

Moisturise your heels

The skin around your heels, in particular, is a common spot for hard, thick skin to form. When you are on your feet all day, especially while wearing inadequate footwear, patches of dead skins cells can build over your heels and ankles. To address this concern, moisturise these areas every day, either with medicated creams, if the issue is severe, or vitamin E rich products for preventative care.

Comfortable footwear

Despite your level of daily activity, your footwear choice is essential for the longevity of your feet. Wearing restricted, pointed shoes, where your toes are compacted tightly for extended periods, can cause damage to the bone structure of your feet, and can be the catalyst for persistent foot pain. Wearing high heels can produce the same issues, as well as shoes that don’t fit your size and shape correctly. Picking adequate footwear for running, walking, and general exercise is critical, as the impact on your feet during these activities can prove excessive without the right support.

Visit the podiatrist

Professional preventive care of your feet is essential, you do not need a reason or referral to visit your Perth podiatrist for a foot health assessment, or gait analysis while wearing your favourite shoes. This proactive approach will ensure you can identify areas of your foot health that require attention in later years, and the strategies that will benefit your level of activity. If you haven’t seen a podiatrist before, and you’re a Perth local, visit us in our clinic to start understanding what’s best for your feet today!

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