The non-invasive ways to treat chronic back pain, without surgery

Chronic back pain, suffering from back pain generally longer than three months, can be frustrating, painful and curtail daily life events. What most people fear from their chronic back pain diagnosis is surgery, assuming this will be their only treatment option. Thankfully, this assumption is not the reality, as there are many other alternative treatment options available before surgery becomes necessary. We share back pain treatments our Perth chiropractors prefer, explaining the methods of managing and alleviating chronic pain that produces significant results.

Manipulation and massage

Chiropractors are best known for their manipulation treatment style, which is highly effective for the musculoskeletal system’s ability to function and move. As this style of treatment is non-invasive, requires little recovery time, and can be performed regularly, sufferers will benefit from the convenience of these treatment options. Also, chiropractic appointments are covered on the majority of private health insurance policies and don’t require continual referrals from your GP. As a result, chiropractic treatments are a considerably more economical alternative to surgery.

Guided exercises and physical therapy

Depending on the severity of your condition, your chiropractor will guide you through supervised exercises, and assign exercises for at home. These type of exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around your spine, test the strength and flexibility of your posture, correct postural issues and discover where your pain thresholds lie. Other activities may include walking, swimming and resistance style training.

Nutrition adjustments

The inflamed areas of your body can be managed and reduced with a simple adjustment to your diet by focusing on anti-inflammatory and healing based foods. Inflammatory diets are comprised primarily of sugary, high trans-fat and processed foods, which are determinantal for your overall health as well as exacerbating your pain levels. Those who are holding onto additional weight will find the added pressure on their spine and joints worsens their back pain. Consuming a healthy, low-fat diet is often advised to combat the inflammation, as well as weight management for those with this issue.

Lifestyle and work adjustments

How your back pain first started and your daily activity will decide the lifestyle changes you may need to make. Those in sedentary working positions may need to adjust their seating arrangements to include extended periods of standing, movement or no seating at all, for example.

Chronic back pain isn’t something you should ignore or try to push past. At Melville Wellness, we help Perth sufferers just like you take the next step towards a pain-free life. Contact us now to discuss who the best chiropractor is for you!

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