Three ways to take care of your feet

Your feet are the foundation of your body, they help keep you upright and keep you moving. Loss of mobility due to foot injuries and problems can affect your physical health in a number of ways. If your feet hurt, or you have difficulty moving or exercising, this can result in a sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, and difficulties with your posture and circulation.

When our physical health is affected by poor foot health, our mental health can also be affected. Reduced exercise and mobility, increase pain and subsequent injuries can lead to stress, depression and an increased sense of isolation.

As part of a holistic approach to your health, why not try these three simple ways to take care of your feet?

1. Foot scrub

Exfoliating your feet daily can be considered a cosmetic approach to foot care, however, it will also help you to become acquainted with your feet. By knowing and understanding your feet, you are more likely to notice some of the early warning signs of problems such as swelling, lack of sensation and persistent sores.

2. Yoga

Yoga has a number of benefits for your foot health. Regular yoga practice aligns your spine and improves your posture, resulting in a more even distribution of weight across your feet. Additionally, yoga can increase the strength in the muscles and tendons in your feet and ankles. Finally, yoga can improve the circulation to your feet, which is especially important if you have diabetes.

3. Wearing the right footwear

The first step in making sure you are wearing the right footwear is to ensure that your shoes fit correctly. Incorrectly fitting shoes can result in toe deformities, blisters and pain. Secondly, make sure you are wearing the right shoes for the activity you are engaging in. If you are playing sport, wearing a shoe specifically designed for that activity not only supports your foot but can protect you from injury.

Finally, just like any other part of your body, if you are outside, and your feet are exposed to the sunlight, make sure you protect them by wearing a high-quality, waterproof sunscreen or invisible zinc.

For more advice on how to take care of your feet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Melville Wellness.

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