Tips for Children’s Spinal Health - A Back to School Guide

Going to school for most kids means carrying backpacks full of books and snacks, getting involved in sporting activities and sitting in bad posture. The sports activities are good but carrying weighty bag packs and bad posture is not good for kids’ spinal health.

Many children have been hurt and it is important for us to give tips to steer clear of back pain and keep their spine healthy.

Good spinal health is crucial for your kids’ development. This is because the spine protects the central nervous system. Any injury to it can disrupt the normal functioning of the kids’ body.

So grab a pen and notebook and check out these 5 tips for a healthy spine for your kids.

Carrying a Heavy Backpack

A heavy backpack overloads the growing spine of a child. It distorts the spinal column, causes headaches and even muscle strain. Melville Wellness Centre offers a few guidelines to avoid these problems.

-Shop for a backpack that is made up of light materials. Many shops in Perth sell bags made of lightweight materials such as canvas or vinyl.

-As a parent, ensure you purchase a bag that has padded shoulder straps. It should be adjustable and have a waist strap too.

-Never allow the backpack to carry a lot of books or to weigh more than 15% of your child’s body weight. At Melville Wellness Centre, we encourage parents to be checking the weight of their child’s bag often.

-Always ensure your children don’t carry the backpack using only 1 shoulder.

-If it is possible, you can purchase a backpack with wheels. You don’t have to worry about spinal problems. However, ensure the extended handle has the required length to prevent your child from bending a lot.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition and hydration are very important for the development of children. Breakfast is the most important meal and having it before playing a game will provide the needed energy. Also, Make sure your kids eat a well-balanced diet.

By developing a healthy eating habit early, they will continue with the same habit even when they become adults. Do not give your children fast foods or candy bars that will do harm but instead provide more fruits and vegetables.

Water is also very important for children. Active children need more water for hydration and proper absorption of food.

Encourage your Children to Play

In today’s world of fitness, more and more children are encouraged to play in their school and at home. Majority of sports are good and provide a way for children to socialise and exercise. Encourage your children to prepare appropriately in order to avoid injuries; this includes wearing sportswear and a warm up.

Certain sports like hockey require your kids to put helmets, sports shoes and pads in order to avoid sports injuries.

However, heavy contact sports such as gymnastics and wrestling can be dangerous. They can be stressful for their growing body.

Take a break from electronic devices

Kids who spend a lot of time on their electronic devices may develop anti-social behaviour. They also tend to develop a sharp pain in their neck because of constantly peering down at their gadgets. Ensure your kids don’t spend a lot of time with their iPads, phones, and computers.

In order to minimise the hours your kids spend with their device, encourage them to play outdoors as much as possible. If they have to sit with their device, encourage them to sit straight in order to reinforce a good posture.


If your child needs further help, do not hesitate to pay us a visit at Melville Wellness Centre. The spinal health of your child is very important and our staff will be more than happy to help with chiropractic treatment.

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