Travelling with lower back pain: a survival guide

Every back pain sufferer dreads travelling; with the risk of exacerbating your condition during long haul flights, and the nights of disturbed sleep due to uncomfortable hotel bedding, it’s understandable why most avoid the experience. Travelling should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience; in this article, we share with you the tips to ensure your next holiday is pain-free, and how to manage your lower back pain easily when treatment isn’t readily available.

Receive treatment before you leave

Preparing for your trip is critical, and leaving home at your peak physical condition will set you up for your travels ideally. Just before you are due to leave, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor to receive lower back pain treatment and to discuss your travel plans. What your chiropractor will be able to advise you on is how to manage some of the more physically challenging parts of your trip, such as the long haul flights or adjusting to your new sleeping space, for example.

Travel with a massage ball or roller

One of your creature comforts from home should follow you on your travels; find space in your luggage to pack your foam roller or massage ball, whether it be a travel size or something similar. Rolling out your back and stretching regularly, as if you were at home, will help relieve any tension and provide you with temporary relief during your holiday. Continuing your regular stretching and massage routines is crucial, and these small yet essential items will ensure you have the resources to complete them on the go.

Pack a heating pad

An item that takes up barely any space in your luggage, yet provides maximum comfort, is a heating pad, and every lower back pain sufferer can’t be without one. The best feature of this simple device is how you can use it comfortably during any stage of your journey, including during your flight, on trains and buses, or at night as you rest and relax. Ice packs are also valuable to pack; however, you may not be able to cool it quickly depending on your itinerary. Thankfully, most hotels offer ice, which can be wrapped in a towel and used as a makeshift ice pack.

Pick comfortable shoes and bag

No matter where in the world you travel to, most vacations are full of walking and physical activity, spending more time on your feet than during the ordinary course of a week. Invest in comfortable and cushioning footwear that supports your arches and ankles correctly, allowing you to walk all day without blisters or added pain. Particularly for your lower back pain, avoid bags that require you to carry all of the weight on your side, instead opting for backpacks that disperse the weight evenly.

Are you prone to lower back pain and are about to start your next holiday? Contact us at Melville Wellness to discuss your travel plans, and how we can help you manage your condition easily!

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