Understanding rotator cuff tendonitis

As the name suggests, tendonitis affects the tendons (and muscles) and concerns the movement in and around your shoulder joint. If you have heard the term 'tennis elbow' for that area of your body, you can quickly appreciate why rotator cuff tendonitis has also been called 'tennis shoulder'. Alternatives to this might also be swimmer's or pitcher's shoulder. Of course, as a Melville Wellness Centre chiropractor well knows, this problem is certainly not confined to the most sporting among us!

Common symptoms and causes to watch out for

This is a condition which tends to develop over a period of time. Or there may be an obvious cause, as in the case of sporting injuries. This would likely be a repetitive action, such as serving or playing overhead shots in tennis. Occasionally, no obvious cause arises - it could be an unconscious act, such as the position an individual adopts in their sleep.

In the early days of this problem, before it becomes acute, simple rest might be enough to deal with it. However, if this isn't the case, then a range of clues might suggest that rotator cuff tendonitis has taken hold.

Such symptoms can include pain, stiffness and swelling around the front or side of your arm, especially noticeable when you raise or lower it. This might cause you to wake up during the night. You could also notice that your arm movements are less mobile than usual. Equally, you might feel as if you have lost a degree of strength when using your arm.

Talk to our Perth Chiropractor team

If you have noticed any of the symptoms that indicate a possible rotator cuff tendonitis condition, it pays to book an appointment with one of our expert team members. We offer a variety of treatments for shoulder, arm and hand conditions.

Amongst such possible treatments are the manipulation and mobilisation of joints. We can also deliver both soft tissue and ultrasound therapies, and we can also discuss possible rehabilitation exercises.

We know each individual's condition is unique to them. This is why our first action is to undertake a detailed examination of the condition and symptoms, only then can we focus on treatment, recovery, and future prevention.

So, if you are suffering from a painful shoulder, our experienced team are ready to offer sympathetic and professional help.

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