Understanding some terms that podiatrists often use

As Perth podiatrists, we are aware that there are so many different conditions where our services can be of benefit. We also know that, like many areas of life, we often use technical terms that people outside of our discipline might not instantly recognise or understand. So, here’s a quick guide to just some of those terms…


Sesamoids are bones that, instead of being connected to other bones, are either imbedded in muscle or connected to tendons. They act like pulleys and, if a bone breaks or tendons become inflamed, can cause pain in the ball of your foot, by the base of your big toe. This condition can often plague dancers!


This is a term used to describe an individual’s way of walking; more technically described as a pattern of movements of the limbs during locomotion. Through injuries, neurological conditions, or orthopaedic problems, a person’s gait can change – and might even add to the problem.

Achilles tendonitis

This results from overuse of your Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscles found at the back of your lower leg with your heel bone. Runners often suffer, especially if they suddenly hype up the duration or intensity of their activity. Sufferers can also include people, in middle age, who tend to play sports only at intervals (such as weekends).

Shin splints

This causes pain and tenderness along the front of your lower leg. It’s particularly likely if you have started exercising after a period without doing so. It can also be caused by running on hard surfaces, or if your running technique is not the best.

Dry needling

While the other terms refer to conditions, this one focuses on treatment. This is a way of using very thin filament needles as a method of treating muscle tissue by inactivating trigger points, aiming to both reduce pain and soreness, reduce muscle tightness, aid healing and restore function.

Assessment and treatment

No explanation needed for these terms! But they do describe how our fully-qualified team of Perth Podiatrists, located here at Melville Wellness Centre, can help with a wide range of conditions.

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